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Author Topic: Complete Paranormal Investigation Equipment System  (Read 7444 times)
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William M. Abrams
« on: June 20, 2008, 07:25:24 PM »

I am selling a Complete Paranormal Investigation Equipment System.[/b][/size] I Paid Way Over $6,000.00 For These Items and Equipment. Most of this Equipment is less than one year old and some has never been used…. Items For Sale Are: A K-2 Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter{as seen on Ghost Hunters}, a new “Very Hi-Res 4 channel Digital Video Recording System (DVR)” {{{[[[ Includes, DVR, 19” Digital LCD Monitor, 4 Very Hi-Res Color Infrared Night Vision Video Cameras, and Cables ]]]}}}. I have several Hi-Quality 12 volt Video Cameras (some with 150’ Long Range Night Vision), Several Wireless Video Cameras w/ receivers, Sony Night Shot Hi-8 Video Camera with External Infrared Lighting and Wide Angle Lens, Hi End Digital Voice Recorder for EVPs, a True Hi Definition Digital Camcorder that also records in Negative Image to assist in thermal separation. A Garmin GPS, Flashlights, Compass, Geer Bag, Cables, DVR cabinet, Voltage inverter, Battery Charger, and soooooo Much More. Call me and leave a message or E-Mail me for more information. I will give an Incredible Deal to someone or a group who buys the entire system from me.

I Paid Way Over $6,000.00 For These Items and Equipment.
Most of this Equipment is less than one year old and some has never been used.
In A Quick Sale Situation Only, I Will Sacrifice and Sell The Entire System for $3,000.00 Cash

Call my home phone and leave a message 1-(615)-962-9761 or my Cell Phone: 1-(615)-556-9431

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