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Science v/s Paranormal Investigation
Written on May 24, 2012, 12:06:29 AM by Gaurav Tiwari

Science v/s Pseudo Science


Since the day I started investigating the paranormal phenomena, many have asked me if Science supports paranormal existence, or if Science has proven the existence of the spiritual realm. They are usually the same people who can die for their Religion and God, but can quickly turn a disbeliever when it comes to Paranormal. Many people also think that God and Ghosts are two opposit things. When it comes to the rationalists in India, I have personally felt that they are only interested in ridiculing new ideas, or the experiences that millions of people generally have, all across the globe. These Experiences even happens when Science and education are so developed that it has elevated the sense of superiority among human beings that We know almost everything...

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Evil Ghosts of Indian Society
Written on March 18, 2012, 04:07:46 PM by Gaurav Tiwari

Evil Ghosts of Indian Society

India is one of the oldest countries where the belief in Spirituality started, and flourished towards the west. There have been many great spiritualists from India, like Swami Vivekananda, who have taught the world a new way to live, with the knowledge in spirituality. The belief in spirituality is spread all across the globe. There are believers in every country, who believe that there exists a world other than physical.

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Types of Indian Ghosts
Written on August 23, 2011, 01:17:30 PM by Gaurav Tiwari

Travel across India, and you will find that the majority of Indian People believe in existence of Spirits and Ghosts. Why should not they? They have been reading about the spiritual realm everywhere; In the holy books, from word of mouth, movies, shows, newspapers, TV and even some of them have experienced the strong existence of invisible entities.

In my journey of Paranormal Research, I also studied the names and types of Spirits people recognize in Indian Society. I was amazed to know that whether the names of spirits across the world is same or not but their nature seems to be quite similar in all religions and beliefs across the world. Following is the list of Ghosts found in several parts of India.





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The Black Magic
Written on August 10, 2011, 12:00:38 AM by Gaurav Tiwari

Magic, as the word suggests is an illusion which cheats your vision, thoughts and subconscious! When I began to research on Black Magic, I had a similar thought in my mind that 'Black Magic' is an illusion which darkens an individual's thoughts to feel negative about his life. I thought that wicked magic is just an art to make a person feel negative about everything in life and to witness something illusionary.

In January 2010, I met a Tantrik who said he can detail me about Black Magic. Being a researcher, I did not want to miss this chance and followed him to learn what he claimed to know.

He told me that Magic is not only illusion but there are many shortcuts in life which we seldom know. The power of belief is the strongest tool in the practice of black magic followed by the shortcuts which can manipulate the principal of general physics. He said, for an example,  Water is formed when Hydrogen and Oxygen combine. Likewise, there are many chemical reactions...

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What Happens To Us After Death?
Written on May 03, 2011, 06:24:24 AM by Gaurav Tiwari

Death! It definitely sounds uncanny and disturbing. But the biggest question is- what happens to us after death? Where do we go?

Like trillions of other people in the world, I also wanted to know the same. We as Paranormal Researchers always have a question in mind that how people become ghost? Science in this generation may have an answer but there are many more rational explanations available which over shadows the basic answer to the existence of Spirits and Ghosts.

I recently had a chance to read the holy book of Hindus, called THE VEDAS.  These books have endless information on the complete life system and the afterlife. It is believed that humans did not compose the compositions of the Vedas, which were handed down through generations by the word of mouth from time immemorial. The general assumption is that the Vedic hymns were either taught by God to the sages or that they were revealed themselves to the sages who were the seers of the hymns. The Vedas were...

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Bhangarh:Myth Busted.
Written on December 10, 2010, 08:48:06 PM by Gaurav Tiwari

Indian Paranormal Society again makes ParaNexus proud.


December-05-2010-Sunday-2010:6 PM: Breaking News-Special Report on AAJ-TAK (India's Leading National News Channel) - Indian Paranormal Society Busted the myth of Bhangarh. 




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The Haunted Lodge.
Written on November 28, 2010, 07:53:40 AM by Gaurav Tiwari

Hello everyone !

I am back after finishing the show 'Girls Night Out' for MTV India.

Very excited to see the response and eager to share my experiences with you all.

The following video is of a Haunted Forest Lodge which witnessed a tragedy of the owner's death who was an old british lady.

This lady was fond of photography and when she visited India, she fell in love with this place and decided to make a forest lodge in which she could live and pursue her passion of wild life photography.

One day this lady was found dead and no one knows how she died. The watchman of that house was also found dead one day soon.

People believe that this forest lodge is haunted. People who have come here by mistake have witnessed something unusual.

Majority of the people have reported a headless apparition which is very protective about the property.

The current neighbor of this location is a poor man who claims that he has seen some...

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