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Evil Ghosts of Indian Society
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Written by Gaurav Tiwari on March 18, 2012, 04:07:46 PM

Evil Ghosts of Indian Society

India is one of the oldest countries where the belief in Spirituality started, and flourished towards the west. There have been many great spiritualists from India, like Swami Vivekananda, who have taught the world a new way to live, with the knowledge in spirituality. The belief in spirituality is spread all across the globe. There are believers in every country, who believe that there exists a world other than physical.

Different countries of the world have different beliefs and stories about spirits and ghosts. But it all boils down to a fact that ghosts are considered as evil entities in most of the societies of the world.

In Indian society too, ghosts are mostly considered as evil entities. Not because they are, but because the modern education system only teaches us not to believe in ghosts, and religion teaches us to believe in ghosts, and consider them as evil. We are the people stuck between the education, and the religion.  They both are extremes, and we don’t have a middle path to walk on. We are either blind by the education system that we think is enough, or by the religion which forces people to believe things just because it is written in religious books. Moreover, many people do not have time to think about the things that do not bother them.

In my course of research on Indian belief system about spirits and ghosts, I found out that various schools of thoughts exist in Indian society, about the concept of ghosts among believers. Some believe that, people experience paranormal phenomena because of the weak planetary positions in their astrological horoscope. Some believe that it is all the result of karma, while most of the people also believe that chanting mantras can keep evil spirits away.

People often wonder whom to believe, and whom not. But one thing that becomes clear after hearing all the stories and views of thousands of people that I have met during 3 years of my research in India, that they all are right!  How?  It is because in most of the haunting cases, ‘belief’ is the main ghost. And it is only belief that can get you rid of any problems in life, such as evil ghosts.  With this, I don’t mean to say that genuine paranormal cases do not exist. They do.  But however, in every case, ultimately it is only your ‘belief’ and direct intention by which, you can keep any evil away from yourself; by whatever it takes you believe in yourself and feel stronger than any evil.



Indian Astrologers & Their Beliefs 


I worked for several months to interview many Astrologers, Tantriks, Priests, Maulvis, and Pandits in India to learn about their beliefs in ghosts. I was amazed to learn that most of them considered ghosts as evil, and with malevolent intentions.

Astrologers however defined that people only experience ghosts when their planetary alignment in horoscope is not right. They believe that only those people experience ghosts who have the following characteristics in their horoscope:

  • In First Yoga – First Yoga- If there is a Rahu (Dragon’s head) and moon in 5th house. And the 5th and 9th house belongs to weak planets.
  • In Second yoga – if any planet among Saturn, Rahu, Ketu (Dragon’s tail), or Mars is in 7th house.
  • In the third yoga- if there is a conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Rahu
  • If a person belongs to ‘Manushya Yoni’, his or her chances to be troubled by ghosts are fair. Etc.
  • People belonging to ‘Rakchhas-Yoni’, can see ghosts, but ghosts cannot trouble them.


Hindu astrologers also believe that the most powerful mantra to get rid of any evil spirit is dedicated to lord Hanuman (The monkey God of India).  Many astrologers and common people believe that ‘Hanuman-Chalisa’ is the most powerful tool to be protected from evil spirits. While others believe that there exist another ‘rare’ mantra of lord Hanuman which

They say that if someone chants the following mantra 108 times for 47 Thursdays, in a Hanuman temple, he or she will get rid of all the evil spirits or their effect for ever:


"Om em hreem shreem hraam hreem hroon hraim om namo bhagwate mahabal parakramaaye bhoot prêt pishach shaakini daakini yakshini pootna maari mahaamari yaksh rakshas bhairav betaal grah rakhshasaadikam kshanen han han bhanjay maaray maaray shikshay shikshay mahamaareshwar rudraavtaar hum fatt svaha."


Many people have tried this mantra, and have really got rid of their problems, according to a pandit who told me about this mantra. I asked him if this mantra can help people of other religion. He said that remembering the name of lord Hanuman with strong intention is enough to keep us away from most of the evil spirits.

Some Hindu astrologers believe that Lord Shiva is the king of all spirits, so ‘Om namah shivay’ is the ultimate mantra for protection from evil spirits. While another set of belief exist among Hindu Astrologers that Lord Shiva being the King of the Ghost world, can make the spirit stronger if you chant this mantra of ‘Om Namah Shivay’.


I met a famous Peer Baba in Delhi who is said to be exorcising people possessed by Jinns for over twenty years. When I asked him what does he do to make the Jinns possessing people go, he smiled and asked me to read ‘Ayatul-Kursi’. He said it is the most famous verse of the holy Quran and is widely displayed in Islam due to its insistent description of God's power over the entire universe. I asked him the same question that if reading Ayatul-Kursi can help the people of different religion. He shook his head in affirmation. After a long pause, he said, ‘Surat al-Baqrah is known to have the power of shooing away the evil spirits and also dispelling black magic.’


In India, among Hindu society of spiritual believers, it is believed that there are different kinds of ghosts and their class can be recognized by the way they affect a person’s behavior, as following:


Human Spirit (Bhoot) :   When human spirits or ghosts possess a person, the later gains tremendous physical strength, has red eyes,  can speak like a genius regardless of his or her education, and has a shivering body in fever.

Pishach (Malevolent Inhuman Spirit): A person affected by pishach becomes weak and always use filthy language. He or she never hesitates to get naked. Lives untidily and stinks. Remains always hungry and wants to live in seclusion. He or she sometimes screams or cries without reason.

Yakshas (A benevolent inhuman spirit): People affected by yakshas start taking deep interest in red color and red clothes. They speak slowly and mostly talk with their eyes.

Pretas (Ghosts of Hindu men who died by violence): People troubled/possessed by a prêt shout in pain, cry, howl, and run without purpose. They stop eating, become rude, and breathe rapidly.

Shakini (ghosts of married women who died in early stages of their marriage): Shakinis usually trouble married women or girls with high sex drive. A women possessed by Shakini has unexplainable pain in entire body including eyes every time. She faints very often; she shivers in pain and cry.

Churail/Kicchin/Jinnat/Apsara/Yakshini/Mohini (Lilith/Succubus): They usually affect young men. The person affected by these spirits is always smiling, looks lost in his imagination, seeks seclusion, always want to eat flesh, and is attracted to red color objects. He gradually loses all his health and looks weak.

Jinns/Shaitaan/Brahm-Pishach (Genie, Malevolant/Benevolant Inhuman Spirits): This again goes with the religious beliefs of the people. But there have been many cases where an Islamic Jinn has possessed a Hindu person. Or a Hindu spirit has possessed a Muslim person. However, people affected by negative inhuman entities are roaring all the time, have heavy and manly voice, they keep twisting their limbs, have their eyes popped out, tongues stretched out, and they are sometimes violent. They always speak about killing or asking to fulfill their demands. They also shake their heads rapidly in to and fro direction for hours in Trans. On the other hand, if a person is possessed by a benevolent jinn or spirit; he smiles all the time, predicts accurate future of the people, read people’s mind, and sometimes rock their head in a circular motion for several hours, in Trans.

You may read about many other types of Indian Ghosts here.



Indian Tantrics

Tantrics are the people who have studied Tantra. Tantra is knowledge of three elements- (Tan) Plentiful and quality matter, principles of reality (Tattva) and sacred mantras, and knowledge to attain (Tra) Salvation.  India has no dearth of people who are trained in tantric knowledge. If you read any B-grade news paper in India, or look around on the streets, you can easily find advertisement of some Bangali Tantric baba or the people who claim to get you rid of any problems in life. I have personally met the finest of the people who have sound knowledge in tantra, to the meanest of fake tantrics who do not even know what tantra stands for. I would say that 95% of the 200 tantrics I have met in life were bogus.

I also met a few people with great knowledge in this field like His Holiness Swami Pragyanandji Maharaj who is a double PhD from the toughest of the subjects you can ever imagine. He gave me a fair idea about the metaphysical aspect that tantra holds and how it is being misused, and misunderstood.


Modus Operandi

Most of the Indian Tantrics have many modi-operandi to get their clients in control. Most of them are not tantrics, but good psychologists and hypnotists. They know how to play with a client’s psychology to make sure that clients need them always.

They read people’s mind. Well, there is nothing magical reading people’s mind. We all project what we have in our minds every time by our body language, voice tone, eyes, words, hand movements, and gesture. If you are good at noticing things, you can read people’s mind very well.

Their first step to impress a client is done by their strong guessing work. They guess from their client’s behavior about what kind of problems one might be troubled with. Of course they can read; they meet so many people with same expressions on their faces with similar problems every day.

I personally took note of a case that I had been observing for long without letting anyone know that I am a paranormal researcher. One of my acquaintances Ashish (name changed), who did not know that I research on these subjects, told me one day that he feels there is something negative in his house. He consulted a tantric and the tantric was to visit his home that very day. I was happy, and I told my friend that even I want to see that tantric. He was ready, and we rushed to his place.  When the tantric arrived, he started feeling the vibes of the house by raising his hand in air. Ashish touched his feets to take his blessings. Tantric smiled cunningly, and said, “Jiyo” (Live longer). He was a 6 feet tall, stoutly built man, wearing a kurta and a dhoti (traditional Indian attire).He looked around in the house and told us that he feels someone died in the very house, and mostly a woman.  My friend was impressed with tantrics statement, yet he became more afraid, as he recalled that one of his aunts died at the same property. He told the tantric that his aunt died there of cancer 4 years back.

Tantric then told us to bring a glass of water, while he prepares to start his ritual to see how powerful that spirit of his aunt was.  Tantric started making some marks on the floor with white chalk powder. He drew a box with columns, and he arranged pieces of cloves in every column. He placed a yellow lemon between those columns with some more ingredients. Ashish fetched him a glass of water. He poured the water on the lemon and started chanting some mantra. Ashish was looking at  tantric with terror in his eyes, while tantric was lost in Trans chanting his mantras. He was swinging back and forth. Suddenly he opened his eyes, and told my friend that there is an evil spirit of a woman in his house, who doesn’t want the family to prosper. She will also kill one of the family members soon.  Ashish started worrying and pleasing tantric to do something to help his family and save him from any evil done by his aunt’s spirit. Tantric told him that he will need to do another big ritual which will require some rare materials which one cannot find in the city. If my friend can arrange those items, the ritual could be done. Tantric gave him a list of ingredients that were needed for the ritual to shoo the evil spirit out of the house.  He then took out a small knife from his denim bag, and cut the lemon resting between the columns, into half.  The lemon was pinkish in color from inside. He told my friend that this spirit is very evil and wants blood and destruction of this family. So it is suggested that ritual should be done as soon as possible. Ashish confirmed him that he will contact him as sooner he is able to find the ingredients.

Next day, he rushed to the main city market to buy the ingredients required in the ritual. He could not find many of the items despite his full day search in the entire city. Ashish called up the tantric and told him that he is not able to find the items and if tantric could tell him where to arrange them for, it would make his work easy. Tantric told him that he buys it from a friend who lives in a different city. If Ashish could give him some advance, he could go and buy it from the friend. Ashish, without any question asked, gave rs. 20,000/- (460$) to the tantric.  Tantric returned after two days and started his ritual at Ashish’s place. While performing the ritual, tantric started coughing rapidly. He acted as if he is trying to control, and finally succeeded to stop coughing. After this he ended the ritual; He told Ashish that this spirit is very evil, and Ashish will need to do this ritual for 47 days.  He also advised Ashish that he should arrange for more ingredients for the ritual enough for 47 days. For that Ashish will need to give him Rs. 25000/- (500$) more to bring sufficient items for the rituals for 47 days. Ashish was so horrified that he gave him the said money without any questions.

Tantric returned the next day and started his ritual, early in the morning. He told Ashish that he should start feeling nicer from this day, as the power of the evil spirit will start decreasing everyday with his tantric rituals.  Tantric continued his rituals everyday at Ashish’s house, and he used to make sure that Ashish speaks to him on phone twice a day. He used to tell Ashish every time they spoke that now his life will start improving, and he should see his luck becoming better.

After 15 days, Ashish started looking fresh, and he felt that there was really some relief in his life, and his mind is getting more positive towards life. He thanked the tantric for the great thing he was doing for him. After 20th day, Tantric used to ask Ashish to offer some money to the evil spirit during the ritual so that spirit’s lust for money ends forever. Ashish started offering 100rs. – 200 Indian rupees every day since then during rituals. As the 40th day passed, Ashish got a promotion in his job. When he told about this to tantric, tantric told him that the spirit living in Ashish’s house has started to bless the family now as she is going to get relieved soon.  Ashish started to remain happy in his life with this promotion which changed his lifestyle.

On the 47th day, when the last ritual was supposed to be done, Tantric asked Ashish to offer Rs. 5000/- as the last offer to the spirit. Ashish emptied his wallet to offer the spirit a great financial support. Tantric ended his ritual, and he again cut a lemon into half and showed Ashish that the spirit was gone as the lemon was in its natural color.

Since then, Ashish never felt scared in his house, his life became positive, and he believes that spirits can bring trouble in life.

Today, with his experience, Ashish believes that spirits are evil, and can destroy a family. And, from his experience; I learnt more about the modus-operandi of the tantrics.

How they do? : They play with client’s psychology first. They try to guess random things and read the reaction of face. If they find that a client is unaware of skeptical about something, they will not touch the subject. If their guesses come true, and get a horrifying reaction on client’s face, they stick to that subject. They first try to explore the weakest points of clients. If a client is afraid of spirits and ghosts, it is very easy for these fake tantrics to control a client through their fear. They also try to know the pain of their clients and relate those pain and sorrows to evil spirits. Most of the people who visit these tantrics are either depressed, frustrated, have pain, sorrows, or something unexplainable happening in their lives. Fake Tantrics make use of their client’s plights by setting a deep rooted fear about the things the client is unaware about. They gradually gain trust in clients by tricks of lemons, psychology, and their modi operandi.

Why Ashish problems were solved? : Ashish was a negative guy, who took everything negatively in life. He never enjoyed the beauty of his life. He felt that everything in his life has faded. He had no expectations left with him, or from others.  He was a person in life who was always worried that he had a poor luck, and something external is responsible for his poor fate. He thought that someone has done black magic on him. When he met this tantric, he understood what the problems of Ashish were. He knew that Ashish only needed a psychological help and someone to make him look at the better things of life. He took advantage of the ‘needs’ that Ashish was not realizing in his life. While he played with Ashish’s psychology by firstly making him more threatened by any evil spirit in his house.  Tantric set a deep fear in Ashish’s mind talking about blood and death, and the power of the evil spirit. Then he gained Ashish’s trust by telling him that he can help Ashish to get rid of those problems. Ashish gained more faith in Tantric, as he never went absconding with the huge money given to him for ritual ingredients. Tantric always told Ashish that his life would improve, whenever they talked.  That made Ashish to look for opportunities in life, subconsciously. Tantric was subconsciously trying to help Ashish to think in positive direction and to believe that his all his problems will solve. Ashish too was expecting a positive change unconsciously in his life as he was investing huge money to find peace in his life.Every one actually wants a good return for their money. Gradually, Ashish belief system was established to look forward in life and work towards his success.  Even though it took him 47 days, and huge money to be positive in his life, He now believes that spirits are evil.

Now think yourself, who was actually evil in Ashish’s case?  The spirit? The Tantric? Or the Belief System!

Evil is not out there, it rests in our perceptions. For example, Stealing is evil for all, but those who do, love doing it. I am loved by many, but some people hate me. When we start looking at anything with positive perception, it never remains evil for us. We usually find many things in the world evil because we look at them with other’s perception.




- Gaurav Tiwari

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