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Sharon K. West
« on: March 27, 2010, 11:49:51 AM »

I thought it would be appropriate to post periodic reports of what is going on with the Media & Public Relations area of ParaNexus directly to the members via the forums. Because this site serves its members and the members are what give it life, I want to keep you informed of what I am doing as well as ask for your input and suggestions to make it all it can be. This effort is for YOU.

I've hit the ground running since taking on the responsibility for this area, and I certainly do enjoy this type of work. My mind naturally flows toward marketing, advertising, and well, the artistic bits and bobs of all that stuff.

First off, I am concentrating on getting the Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages hopping. My goal is to post on these pages daily, if possible. A list of the blog addresses are now on Facebook with tags on all the authors' Facebook pages (where available). Let me encourage you to sign up for these kinds of things in order to establish a network system in this field. It's a very professional thing to do to establish a network of people who have like interests and many are to be found especially on Facebook. My experience has been rewarding and it greatly expanded the information that comes to me.

If you are already on Facebook, etc., please do come to ParaNexus' page and request a friend connection. There will be announcements sent on a regular basis to the friends there as well.

Nobody outside of Google completely understands how that search engine works, but I do know that the more links a site has on other sites, the more important Google thinks a site is. So one goal is to get the ParaNexus links out there. If you have a website of your own, how about placing a link to ParaNexus? There are member banners available here which will look really professional on your website. It will help!

One area that is dear to my heart is the ParaNexus Universe radio program. Doug and Grant do such a great job on those interviews!  notworthy And if you have not heard the Velvet Teddy Bear voice of Doug Kelley, you need to. (He'll kill me now!) Anyway, the first time I found this radio program, I was in hog heaven and have remained there ever since about it. Where in the world can you ask questions directly of the people on a radio program via a chat box? You just can't get that close to well-known people anywhere else and actually converse with them. If you have not taken advantage of this cool thing, be sure and fire up the computer on Thursday evenings from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. every week. My goal is to scour the countryside for some really interesting people to interview on there, and the guys already have some scheduled. Next week, we have John Sabol, the Ghost Excavator. Don't miss this guy!

OK, back to work now. Until next time! hello


Sharon K. West
Media & Public Relations Director
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