ParaNexus is an association of paranormal researchers and paranormal investigators who conduct paranormal research and paranormal investigations involving ghosts, spirits, alien abductions, UFOs, unknown creatures, unexplained phenomena, psychic phenomena, and other mysterious events. Visitors can report a UFO sighting, hauntings, and other paranormal events via our 24 Hour Helpline. ParaNexus also offers paranormal investigator certification, paranormal certification, training, paranormal classes, and paranormal courses.
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Author Topic: ParaNexus—Past, Present, and Future  (Read 2779 times)
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« on: September 09, 2009, 10:52:43 AM »

Hello ParaNexus Members and Guests!

It’s been over 18 months since Jari Mikkola and I founded ParaNexus and we have come a long way as an organization since then. In January 2009, Jari assumed responsibility for publishing the Journal of Anomalous Sciences as its own entity and organization apart from ParaNexus, and I have take responsibility for the reset of ParaNexus. Jari has simply done an outstanding and awesome job on producing the Journal—I’ve never seen any other magazine with the quality that Jari is producing. And little does the public realize just how many hours it takes to produce one issue—it can take well over a hundred!

As anyone who has started a group will tell you, it is a real challenge to build an organization; it takes time and the diligent ongoing effort of many. It has been an even greater challenge to build ParaNexus into a top-notch anomalous research association because, frankly, our philosophy and approach is different than most of the paranormal community. Rather than chasing lights in the sky, presenting dust orbs as ghosts, or promoting superstitious fear with “demons” and “demonology,” we seek to delve deeper into finding the causes and commonalities among various types of anomalous phenomena and, more importantly, what these anomalous events mean to our existence and the human condition. As a result of this approach, we appeal more to the educated and serious segment of the anomalous research community rather than the hobbyist and amateur segment which makes up the largest part—especially in recent years. These factors combined with the poor economy has made getting members and donations harder than ever. Even still, we press on.

ParaNexus is now ready to take the next step in its organization evolution. We are incorporating the association as a Florida Not for Profit Corporation in the next few days. We will also file for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS just as soon as we can afford the $300 filing fee, which should be in the next few months. Paid memberships remain ParaNexus’ primary means of raising funds to cover operating costs. All staff members are non-paid volunteers and generously give of their time in furthering the ParaNexus Vision. While our operating expenses are currently low, we will need to raise funds if we are ever going to fulfill our mission, just like any other non-profit organization.

Even though ParaNexus has operated just like a non-profit since its inception, becoming an official non-profit organization will potentially qualify us for government and private grants. Additionally, those who donate money and tangible items will be able to deduct these donations from their taxes. We also want to be in a financial position to award research grants to other groups with special projects. But more importantly, operating as a non-profit will hopefully demonstrate that ParaNexus Administrators are committed to becoming a World-Class organization and premiere participant in the next generation of anomalous research with members who comprise the crème de la crème of the research community.

We sincerely appreciate the support that our present and past members have shown and look forward to a bright future where we can make some serious inroads in finding answers to anomalous phenomena! We hope you will join us!

Doug Kelley

How You Can Assist

Several opportunities exist for those interested in joining the ParaNexus Vision:

1. Become Member / Renew Your Membership. Membership dues are only $59 per year which is equivalent to $4.92 per month or about 16 cents per day. To put this in perspective, compare the cost of other common expenses such as lunch at McDonalds, a pack of cigarettes, or renting a movie. Look around and I think you’ll find our membership dues to be lower and provide more benefits than most other professional associations regardless of the field. Members can visit their Profile on to renew their membership. More info on joining ParaNexus can be found at

2. Participate in the Forum and Blogs. ParaNexus is about sharing your ideas, concepts, approaches, and individuality. As a member, why not post your ideas in the forum, or respond to other’s posts? You can also start a blog and comment on other member’s blog posts. Blogs are a great resource for ideas and provoking thought. Another benefit to being active on is that you have an opportunity to showcase your talent and philosophies. This can result in opportunities to join ParaNexus as a staff member or even a Board Member. 

3. Donate Funds or Items. Even though we cannot yet say that you can deduct donations from taxes, we greatly appreciate any donations made. We can also accept items of some value that can be used as a part of our research or can be converted to cash for operating expenses. A webpage is being added to the website with more info on donations.

4. Join the ParaNexus Staff. We are always looking for people with expertise who want to help. We have several positions open, see for more info.

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Doug Kelley, PhD, CH, CSL
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Barry Brudnak
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 11:24:48 AM »

I think that everyone involved in creating and maintaining ParaNexus have done an awesome job bringing the organization this far. I have been along for most of the process and plan on being involved until "the end." Everything that Doug has put in this post is very well stated.
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