ParaNexus is an association of paranormal researchers and paranormal investigators who conduct paranormal research and paranormal investigations involving ghosts, spirits, alien abductions, UFOs, unknown creatures, unexplained phenomena, psychic phenomena, and other mysterious events. Visitors can report a UFO sighting, hauntings, and other paranormal events via our 24 Hour Helpline. ParaNexus also offers paranormal investigator certification, paranormal certification, training, paranormal classes, and paranormal courses.
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ParaNexus is an exclusive association of dedicated and progressive paranormal and anomalous phenomena investigators focused on researching and understanding the human condition through the scientific study of aerial, psychical, cryptozoological, and anomalous phenomena, its reality, its reach, and its impact on humanity.


ParaNexus is a place for serious and professional anomalous researchers covering all forms of anomalous phenomena. If you have a serious interest in anomalous / paranormal research and investigation, then we invite you to join us!




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Paranormal Investigator Training and Education

Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CPI)

Become a Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI)

The Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CPI) comprehensive and unique course that goes beyond any other course. This course will provoke you to thought as well as educate you in the most important aspects of paranormal research. If you can find a better course, take it. This course is the best way to get certified for ParaNexus membership.

Certified EVP Technician (CET) Course

Learn how to analyze EVP's and distinguish the differences between human and anomalous voices. Written and taught by a leading world expert in EVP analysis. No other course like this one is available anywhere else.

ParaNexus Leading Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CLPI)

Leading Paranormal Investigator Certification (CLPI) Course

Learn how to be an effective leader. This is a comprehensive leadership course that is useful for secular applications as well. You'll never find a comparable leadership course at this tuition!

Get Your Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics, Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, Ufology

Get Your Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics, Paranormal Science, Parapsychology, Ufology

Earn your Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degrees in metaphysics, paranormal science, parapsychology, ufology, spiritual counseling, life coaching, holistic healing, hypnosis, and many more.

Paranormal Research & Investigation Resources

CIPRIS International Standards for Anomalous Investigations

CIPRIS International Standards for Anomalous Research

Foundational standards & protocols for use by all paranormal researchers and groups

KM EVP Classifications

An EVP classification standard available for use by all researchers

KM Photo/Video Classifications

A photo/video classification standard available for use by all researchers


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