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Current Revision Date: 3-25-2010

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Committee for International Paranormal Research
and Investigation Standards

Commissioned by



This document is intended to serve as a foundation of ethical and professional standards for ParaNexus members, Certified ParaNexus Field Investigators (CPFI), and other anomalous researchers and investigators in conducting professional anomalous investigations. This document primarily addresses the fields of Parapsychology (including hauntings), Ufology, and alien abductions. It also provides a basis to promote the continuity of professional standards and practices used throughout the anomalous research community as a whole.



To provide a recommended set of ethical standards, guidelines, and procedures as a model to enhance professional behavior, scientific practices, and better continuity within the evolving field of the paranormal sciences.



CIPRIS (pronounced "Cyprus") Committee members gathered and objectively reviewed a collection of best practices from reputable research organizations and blended these with CIPRIS members’ own best practices. The result serves as an approved list of standards that others can use as a basis for developing their own Standards and Protocols, or as an overlay in the case that such Standards and Protocols already exist.



The CIPRIS Committee is comprised of the ParaNexus Board of Directors. Please visit About ParaNexus for specific individuals.



The contents of this document were largely based on the standards and protocols developed by the participating Committee members. The structure of this document as well as some definitions and items were inspired by The Code of Practice for UFO Investigators developed by a consortium of British UFO research organizations in the 1980’s and freely available with an online search.



The CIPRIS Committee shall meet once each quarter contingent upon necessity to review this document. As a result, this document may be amended, altered, or repealed by the CIPRIS Committee at any time. Notice will be published on if and when such amendments occur. ParaNexus members may make suggestions for inclusions or other amendments by sending an email to



This document is Copyright © 2009-2010 by Permission is granted for this document to be distributed or copied provided that its inherent content and structure is not modified, altered, or changed in any way. All sections of this document constitute the entirety and must be included in any distribution or publication.

Permission is also granted to investigative and research organizations and individuals for use in the development and/or construction of proprietary standards and protocols. Appropriate attribution is requested and expected by adding the following statement:

“Portions of this document, in whole or in part, were based upon the International Standards for Anomalous Investigations developed by the Committee for International Paranormal Research and Investigation Standards (CIPRIS) and commissioned by ParaNexus. More information is available at”