ParaNexus is an association of paranormal researchers and paranormal investigators who conduct paranormal research and paranormal investigations involving ghosts, spirits, alien abductions, UFOs, unknown creatures, unexplained phenomena, psychic phenomena, and other mysterious events. Visitors can report a UFO sighting, hauntings, and other paranormal events via our 24 Hour Helpline. ParaNexus also offers paranormal investigator certification, paranormal certification, training, paranormal classes, and paranormal courses.
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Donating to ParaNexus

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Donating to ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association, Inc.

Click Here for Information on Joining ParaNexusParaNexus Anomalous Research Association, Inc. is a Florida non-profit corporation and has applied for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS. We are awaiting the official Letter of Determination and will post it here once received. Our existence depends on generous donations from the public as well as from members and staff. The Board of Directors takes great pride in running ParaNexus with integrity and passion uncommon in our times. Our goal is to fulfill our non-profit mission as a good steward of public trust. Your kind donations of funds, physical items, and even property allow us to continue our work to the benefit of all. All ParaNexus staff are non-paid volunteers.

Our Mission & Vision Statements & Shared Values

Mission Statement: ParaNexus is a professional non-profit association of dedicated and progressive ufologists, parapsychologists, and enthusiasts focused on researching and understanding the human condition through the scientific study of aerial, psychical, and anomalous phenomena, its reality, its reach, and its impact on humanity.

Vision Statement: To become a primary resource recognized worldwide as a frontrunner in the anomalous research field by providing online training, resources, a forum, and a database of credible paranormal and anomalous evidence. We envision an education and research center in which the public can affordably learn valuable anomalous investigation and research techniques as well as life skills, and researchers can conduct effective scientific research into what anomalous phenomena means to the human condition and human evolution. Furthermore, our membership will include innovative people from every walk of life—many with impressive academic and professional credentials in various disciplines.

Shared Values Statement: We believe in displaying professional, honest, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our organization. We believe in showing dignity and respect to the public, members, investigative clients, and staff members regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. During ParaNexus sanctioned investigations or events, we respect both the client and the client’s property and will therefore conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous, and unintrusive manner at all times. We respect fellow team members, and afford them the same dignity we individually desire. We respect and cooperate with other paranormal and anomalous investigation groups and researchers. We believe in ethical research, and will strive to find answers and draw conclusions honestly and without fabrication. We take pride in who we are, and we safeguard our reputation in the anomalous research field above all else.

Our Purpose

ParaNexus is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. In addition to conducting in-house research projects, we also intend to award grants to researchers and groups for special projects. Additionally, we are an educational organization committed to the improvement of the human condition in a variety of ways. For more about our purposes, please read the ParaNexus Charter.


How You Can Support ParaNexus

In addition to joining ParaNexus as a member, we accept gifts of money, physical items, and property. Donations and membership dues may be all or partially tax deductible. Below is our wish-list.


Our Wish-List

Monetary Donations. We appreciate any amount you may want to donate. You can make a one-time donation or make a donation each month. We will email you a letter of acknowledgement for donations of over $250. If you would like to donate to ParaNexus, please use the button below. For amounts greater than $250, a check is better (due to PayPal's fees), but you can still use PayPal if you wish. If you wish to mail a check or money order, please send it ParaNexus, C/O Doug Kelley, 27365 Puno Dr., Punta Gorda, FL 33983. Please make your check/money order payable to ParaNexus.

Physical Items. We appreciate donations of physical items that we can use either in the course of our research or that we can potentially convert to operating funds. Items that we currently have a need for are:

  1. Travel Trailer. We are looking for a travel trailer for use during onsite investigations. Ideally, the trailer should be in the 25 - 30 foot range, but, we aren't too choosy. However, it will need a regular hitch (not a fifth-wheel),  As long as it will tow, we can fix it up as necessary. We would also accept another type of vehicle such as a van or a step-van. If you or someone you know is looking to donate a trailer and you are in the Florida or southeastern U.S., we would be very eager to speak with you. Please contact us at or Call Doug Kelley, Executive Director, 941-740-2900. We can arrange pick up.

  2. Thermal Imaging Camera in good, working condition.

  3. Digital Video equipment of any kind in good and working condition, especially a video camera suitable for professional film work such as a Sony HDR-FX7 or similar. 

  4. Infrared Cameras/surveillance cameras.

  5. Camera traps with IR capability.

  6. Computer equipment such as laptops and wide screen monitors.

  7. Other miscellaneous equipment such as frequency scanners, EMF meters, audio recorders with USB capability, etc.

Property. One of ParaNexus' long-term goals is to establish a research and training center in the Greater Tampa or SW Florida area, preferably a motel/hotel with meeting space. If by some luck of the draw you have such a property and are willing to donate it or make it available at a ridiculously low price, we'd love to talk with you! Otherwise, we would be very interested in property donations that we can convert to cash and invest in a future training and research center. For more information or to discuss this, contact Doug Kelley, Executive Director, 941-740-2900.


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