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Title: Sony IP55 Night Vision/Light Itenafacation Camcorder/Camera For Trade
Post by: Jamie Havican on February 20, 2010, 08:44:56 PM
I have a Sony IP55 Camcorder with IR night vision, and light  intensification. I bought the camera about 8months ago for $1300, and wanting to upgrade to a Night vision scope sine I do sky watches more then investigations. This camera is perfect for Paranormal investigation, come with 1 Telephoto lens, 1 wide angle lens, 2hr battery, a 1hr battery, remote control, charger,64gig memory stick which can hold 7000 photos, and move maker software  for editing video. You can see ll the videos I've filmed with it at ( The camcorder uses small micro mv tapes, and can be bought in HD. I'm asking $500, but will consider offers. If you are interested leave a reply here, or send me a message on Paranexus.Thanks Jamie