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Title: Yukon Advanced Optics 28041 Digital Ranger 5X Night Vision Unit
Post by: Jamie Havican on July 23, 2011, 12:52:48 AM
I bought my scope 6 months and have only used it s few times paid 489 dollars for it, and another 50 for the extra lens, I don't use it enough so need to sell it send me an email  or call 941-416-7915. I used my scope for skywatch filming and it works amazing, nothing can hide from it.

Yukon 28041 Night Vision - Tactical Gear -- The Yukon Ranger 5x42 28041 Digital Generation Night Vision Monoculars are the next generation of night vision. The innovative approach that customers have come to expect from Yukon is evident in the Yukon Ranger Monocular's revolutionary digital night vision capabilities. This Yukon Ranger 5x42 Digital Generation Monoculars have the clearest image and the highest magnification available,which you just can't get with most traditional night vision monoculars. With the best edge-to-edge resolution on the market,the Yukon Ranger Digital Generation Night Vision Monocular rivals the effectiveness of comparable Gen 2+ and even Gen 3 night vision devices at any range! The Stealth IR invisible infrared illuminator ensures that the beam is unseen to watchful eyes at any range. One of the most amazing about this Yukon Ranger Digital Generation Night Vision device is that,unlike ordinary night vision equipment,the Ranger Digital Gen can be used for day