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River Footage Explai… Entity Video Explain…
River Footage Explained
This video is the closeup of the supposed creature on the shoreline.
Referencing Thread :
After reviewing it if you watch on the left shoulder of the entity you will see a silver reflection and a red flash of light coming from this. My estimation of what this is goes like this:

1) This is footage from a documentary of a river float trip, camping, etc.
2) As you look at this footage I have slowed it down and found the following:
    a) The entity is wearing a sniper camo-suit.
    b) silver can be seen at the left side of the entity in question.
    c) at the end of this clip you can see the red led light shining.


This entity in question in all likelihood is a camera man in camouflage and was accidently caught in frame while filming, the editors of the film probably missed him while cutting this film together or we are looking at a hunter with laser scope going.

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