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Written on February 23, 2010, 03:17:32 PM

So my pondering is this;
 What does it take for a spirit or ghost to move an object or knock on a wall?

If a ghost/spirit is energy, then doesn't that mean that we should be able to find them using certain levels of technology?

EMF Spikes, are they valid? The body emits a constant electric field, some call it the aura and others claim to see and controll theirs, there are the pictures of Vridian (SP?) cameras that have the aura of plants and such. 

So are we barking up the right path to see ghosts? Couldn't the same kind of image caputring technology be used to find our wandering spirits?
What happens to a spirit when they pass on? Does the energy dissapate into something else or get transfered to another plane of existence or another dimension perhaps?

Why is everything always a cold spot? Is a cold spot us finding a ghost/spirit? Is a cold spot just a door way? Doorway to what? You tell me.

Why is...

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I am a soldier in the US Army. I have spent 15 mo in Iraq, that was where I first discovered Paranexus and the CPI course, which I promptly took. I was stationed in Germany, and explored some wonderful castles, but the culture over there doesn't acknowledge "hauntings" they just accept that there are spirits in the house and move on. It's a different approach, and they get along fine with the dearly departed. My current posting at Fort Knox, really enables me to have some opportunities, (being only a short drive from Waverly Hills for a start). I love being on the same time zone as my family and friends for a change. My first paranormal experience happened when I was dating a girl in high school, I was over at her place, and a bottle lifted off the counter, and fell to the floor. I saw the dust ring, it didn't slid, it was lifted. Since then I was really curious about the whole thing and how it happened, and if it could happen again. I studied everything I could get my hands on from ouija boards, to tarot cards, to catholic grimories of demonology, to physics, the list goes on. finally, I got some equipment and started to ask the spirits directly. no solid responses yet, but I'll be sure to let you know if that changes.

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