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Random thoughts on the Paranormal, the normal and the abnormal
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Mediums, Empaths, Sensitives.... OH MY!
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Written by Chuck Underhill on October 29, 2010, 02:03:51 PM

Well, I am back, after being away from researching for a number of months, I am back at it. My orginial Blog is gone, so I am starting over fresh here.

Since I stopped being able to research with one of the groups I belong to, the group has added a few new members, one of which is a "empath", "sensitive" or something of that nature. Now I happen to like this woman, I think she's a great person, and I am glad that she joined the group. Except.... well, except she "senses" activity everywhere we go, everywhere, and says so. She tends to "take over" the group from the founder and leader, redirecting based on her "feelings".

Now, I am pretty easy going, but to say that this type of interaction within the team is a strain for me, owuld be an understatement. I require something more then someones "feeling". I know that may offend a number of people, but that is how I feel. I do not doubt their expereinces, and I can even think of a number of pausable reasons why they are sensivite to activity, when I am not. But.... well I can not, will not endorse an event or activity with no other means of verification or documentation then a feeling.

Somehow, within the group dynamics, I am feeling like I am a killjoy. Everyone wants to be THE one that finds the envidence that proves without a doubt, that there are ghosts, spirits, etc.  How does one quantify a "feeling" in science? We know feeling exsist, we all expecience them in one forum or another. I never doubt that the persons are experiencing something. Love, joy, fear, depression, anger, we all feel something at one point in tome or another.

BUT... when a "feeling" becomes "they are telling me to go upstairs to the attic" or "he is hugging me right now..." yet I pick up not one single shread of a reading on any instrument, gauge, or piece of equipment to back that up, I will not sign off on it as a active location. If I remember correctly, we try to back evidence up with two different sources.

I guess my most basic problem is that I don't want to sign off on an investigation, and tell any client that a location is active, or that we got activity based solely on a feeling. To me, that is the direct path to false positives and sudo science. If your an empath, a sensitive, a "whatever", I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but I expect you to hold your own research and evidence gathering to the same high standards that I hold my own too.

The research and the clients are worth the effort.

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A few things here. If the sensitive, psychic, empath, etc. makes the case about them and their "feelings" they should understand that it's a group effort. If they make it a "me" effort you might want to cut ties. A psychic is just another tool in the tool bag. If they get "feelings" and nothing else backs it up then it is nothing more than a subjective experience. The same holds true if an investigator is pushed, poked, tapped, etc. but there are no physical signs or evidence of the occurrence; it's just subjective documentation and not evidence.

I have worked with many who have had varying degrees of ability. Many of them have very outgoing personalities and it may seem to some that they are trying to take over. Shame on the founder and leader for allowing one investigator to dictate the investigation as well, they need to understand the role of the psychic/sensitive as much as the psychic senstive needs to understand their role. Psyhics/sensitives tend to "sense" out loud and many people get caught up in this and are unable to block out the "unnecessary" stuff. It's hard to ignore and can become a very big threat if this type of focus is displayed in front of a client before the group has had a chance to look for logical conclusions. One a group has admitted there is a ghost you have given the client a reason to have full belief and you will have a hard time telling them otherwise from then on.

by Brian Parsons on October 29, 2010, 06:35:02 PM


Thank you for the input, and honestly, I feel like a jerk taking issue with this. I really do not want to public or privately doubt someones abilities, and I feel like a heel stepping on the new investigators enthustism. (sp?)

That be as it may, I feel very very strongly that this is a GROUP effort, and we ALL have skils and talents to bring to the table, and no one of us adds anything more then the other members. I have spoken to the founder, and will again, and try for all of us to find the best course of action. It isn't my choice, but the founders and the group at large. And I do hate the idea of losing a person with an ability I do not have, that could be of great value within the group, provided we can agree on have her feeling are presented.

I also wonder a bit if so many of these folks are so use to hearing that they are fakes, or imagining things, that so many have dounted their input for so long that they no longer can hear what others say, they simply tune it out.

by Chuck Underhill on October 29, 2010, 07:49:57 PM


I believe the hallmark of any type of sensitive worth their salt ought to be an underlying reluctance to be on view. I know one person who does not even want their name known or their picture taken, and this person's sensitivity is off the charts. The greatest part of utilizing or developing sensitivity is first and foremost working on character, that is, humility and all that this entails. Someone who takes over is not a team player. They are a rock star.

The proper protocol in my mind is that sensitives must ask permission of the leader to go do their thing in a certain area or the leader will place the sensitive where he wants them to be. If they sense anything, they are to tell the leader and let them do with it as they will.

You can tell when a person is a maverick or has the ability to be under leadership. A sensitive is a tool, just like an EMF meter or camera, and things can get confusing when the tools have a mind of their own.


by Sharon K. West on November 03, 2010, 08:50:25 AM
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OctoberMediums, Empaths, Sensitives.... OH MY!
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Mediums, Empaths, Sensitives.... OH MY!
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