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From the Desk of Brian D. Parsons
Brian's insights into the world of the paranormal.
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Top 10 Paranormal News Stories of 2010
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Written by Brian Parsons on December 28, 2010, 06:38:08 PM

As compiled by Brian D. Parsons, the “Insider” of the Paranormal News Insider report on the Grand Dark Conspiracy radio show on Fate Radio (Live Mondays @ 10 P.M. Eastern.)PNI

10. A man claims he has lured Bigfoot with the aid of a candy bar. Mike Greene, who used to be a fraud investigator (is this supposed to give him more credence or does it make you think he is educated in knowing how to pull a fast one?). Anyway, in the forests surrounding Asheboro, North Carolina, he was able to capture thermal video of the supposed Bigfoot creature taking a candy bar from a stump. He claims the images would look different if it were a person in a suit of any sort, but where are the comparison photos of this proof? (Does he knowthere is a long standing underground knowledge that tootsie rolls are actually the choice candy for Bigfoot?) Mr. Greene is a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchs Organization or BFRO.

Why it’s on the list; With Bigfoot appearing in few good stories this year, and still having some popularity with hoaxes and potential evidence of discovery, this story raised the question of if there was corroborative evidence to support the video it could be the best video evidence ever gathered for Bigfoot. The reason its number 10, not enough evidence was provided to make this any bigger news than what it was and the story quickly disappeared into forgettable.

9. Remember the photo of the ghost girl standing in the doorway at a fire? The photo was supposedly taken during a 1995 fire by a fireman who claimed to not have seen the girl at the time of the photo nor tampering with the photo. The fireman has since passed away, but another person has come forward with the image of the girl on a postcard from the 1920s which all but proves the photo was a fake.

Ghost GirlWhy it’s on the list; this has been a staple in the hall of “evidence of ghost photographs” for a number of years and to see someone stumble upon this discovery of the postcard and putting it all together to prove it all wrong 15 years later is a testament to logic and common sense. Why it’s #9, it really did not generate as much press as it should have since it debunked something paranormal and there is still a camp out there that still believes the photo is legitimate.

8. A late June event read; Bigfoot is alive and well down south, this time in North Carolina. A local farmer stumbled upon the 15 foot long by 8 inch wide track, believed to be a Bigfoot track, and the news quickly went nationwide attracting many Bigfoot investigators to the area. So far nothing has been found to corroborate the track. Earlier in June a man made a 9-1-1 call that described his recent and ongoing run- ins with a Bigfoot that he has spotted numerous times around his property.

Why it’s on the list; with only a handful of Bigfoot stories to keep the belief alive this was the first major story about a U.S. sighting that played off the earlier sighting in North Carolina. Why it’s #8, nothing else was ever reported or discovered to keep the story fueled after the first report.

7. British physicist Stephen Hawking warns against alien contact. Hawking, whose new television show, “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” debuts soon on the Discovery Channel. Hawking relates his theory to Christopher Columbus discovering America, look what happened to the natives in that scenario. Granted, one would hope that there would be a less aggressive intelligence than the tribal warfare focused humans and that this species would help and share rather than pillage our land for their own purposes. Maybe a lot of this hinges on our reaction to our own presence here on Earth. Is this a theme for why the Government has yet to disclose information?

Why it’s on the list; this story was carried by a lot more media outlets than the average paranormal story and seemed to linger in various outlets for some time as disclosure was a very popular theme in 2010. Why it’s only #7, this story really did not have an impact on thought since it’s based on the mid 1900’s theme of alien attack and taking over Earth for various reasons.

6. In a July there was a report on Scientists who were closing in on the LHChiggs boson, or the so called “God particle”. Scientists at the Large Hadron collider facility near Geneva, Switzerland, have several possible detections of top quark particles, which are the heaviest elementary particles known to science. These top quarks have previously only been produced in a lab in Illinois. This is a nice step for particle physics and can also lead to many new theories about multi dimensions to other topics including ghosts and UFOs. They also recreated the events following the big bang on a smaller scale in November as well.

Why it’s on the list; the Large Hadron Collider was in the news all year long and made several new discoveries and performed feats that science, or the Universe, has not seen in millions of years. The discoveries may be no big deal to the paranormal world, but the discovery of various particles could eventually lead to answers about ghosts and UFOs. The only reason it is number 6 is because it is not exactly a paranormal story and despite the number of breakthroughs none of the information gathered has been able to be put to good use.

5. Multiple sightings of chupacabra were made in July in Texas within ten miles of each other, and another report of chupacabra sightings came from Oklahoma. A bunch of teens snapped a cell phone shot of a hairless 4 legged creature which remarkably resembles a coyote with mange, that they are sure is the chupacabra. This last story made the news again in November for some reason.Chupacabra

There was also Chupacabra sightings on January 13th in Texas (which turned out to be a raccoon with mange). A woman was purportedly attacked by a Chupacabra in a Dallas suburb in early September and in late September Nick Redfern published a post named Lair of the Beasts: Chupacabras versus Chupacabras. Nick pointed out the several differences between the original Puerto Rican variety of Chupacabra that is said to walk on hind legs, have wings, and many other attributes that the more recent U.S. and Mexican sighting have had.

And finally, in late October, we finally have an answer to the mysterious Chupacabra. According Barry OConnor, a biologist at the University of Michigan, most of these animals are nothing more than coyotes with mange. Wow, I had no idea. Unfortunately for this conclusion, Chupacabras were first reported in Puerto Rico, where there are no coyote popluations.

Why it’s on the list; the Chupacabra was a very hot topic this year and despite not one individual story sticking or gaining a lot of media coverage I decided to put it on the list as a whole because of the unusual popularity all year long despite any real evidence of sightings and which is why it‘s only #5 on the list. The Chupacabra could eventually replace lake monsters as the #2 most popular cryptid in the U.S. and easily the most misidentified animal on the planet.

4. The Search for the Yeren, the Chinese Bigfoot. Numerous investigations lead by scientists have taken place in the last few years in various parts of the Himalayas looking for this elusive cousin of Bigfoot. Investigators were able to recover a substantial amount of hair that was discovered to be of unknown origin.

Why it’s on the list. The search for Yeren has been a huge focus for cryptid researchers all over the world, including many here in the states. The evidence is mounting from over the years that the first creature of its type may be found in the mountains of the Himalayas. Chinese scientists too are very eager to assist in identifying this potential new species, here in the United States you would be lucky to get any kind of response regarding Bigfoot evidence that did not accompany laughter or a slamming telephone. Why it’s only #4. Obviously nothing is conclusive as of yet and the explanation could be bears or even unknown primates that are not 6 foot or taller.

3. It all started September 10, 2009 when a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, predicted that a tentative show of UFOs over multiple major cities would happen on October 13th, 2010 in a book. He is quoted as saying, “the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.”NYC UFO

 On October 13th, 2010, over the skies of NYC, dozens of witnessed watched as UFOs hovered over the city. While it was rumored that airports were shut down in reaction to the UFOs, neither JFK nor LaGuardia airport were shut down that day for any reason. The radar facility that handles flights for the three major New York City airports was partially evacuated due to a gas smell; this only lasted minutes and does not seem to coincide with any of the UFO reports. Flights were delayed but nothing was grounded. There are multiple claims of balloons being let loose that could explain the sightings.

Why it’s on the list; this story was talked about everywhere - from CNN to Fox and all points in between and was not just a one-day news filler. Why it’s only #3? C’mon, they were just balloons. Whether it was hysteria driven or not, there was some panic over what was in the skies, so one would still have to give Stanley merit for this prediction especially since it wasn’t as if everyone was outside waiting for it to happen.

2.  In August, the airport in Xiaoshan, China was shut down during a supposed UFO encounter. No evidence has been provided to back up the sighting. Many, UFO over China, photos and videos, have been pouring in all over the internet; however, they have been proven to be fakes or misinterpretations. ChinChina UFOa has become a huge hot spot for UFO sightings, but unfortunately has also become the target of many hoaxes as well.

In September, another Chinese airport shut down. The Baotou Airport in China's Inner Mongolia province was temporarily shut down for almost an hour due to a purported UFO sighting.

Why the China airport closure story is on the list, well geez, it was only the biggest UFO story of the year and was covered by every major news outlet. Why it was only number 2? No true verification of this story has yet to surface. Despite numerous photographs purported to be that of the UFO during this particular event most have been fakes or were taken earlier than that of this incident. The intensity of media coverage and buzz in the paranormal news made this story #2 in my book.

 1. On Monday, September 27th, multiple US Air force officers gathered at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to hold a press conference about their knowledge of UFOs. There were multiple testimonies surrounding many UFO sightings that were kept under wraps by the Government, some for many decades.

Why it’s number one. The biggest word in the paranormal news this year was disclosure. Numerous countries have disclosed information about UFOs and this was the biggest public demand to date for the United States. While this event was covered for a short period of time it has to be the most accepted press release dealing with UFOs ever. In all of the media coverage I saw or read this topic was discussed with seriousness and respect. Typically UFO stories are met with snickers and jokes, but this story was given the respect it deserves and this event may just be the public pressure the U.S. Government will need to release some of their knowledge of what is happening over our skies. 2010 was a great year for paranormal stories and I’m sure 2011 will be filled with many more great stories and hopefully some more discoveries, findings, and disclosures.

Listen January 3rd @ 10 P.M. as I discuss these and some that didn't make it during the Grand Dark Conspiracy radio show on Fate Radio.

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Thanks Brian! Good choices!


by Doug Kelley on January 01, 2011, 06:19:29 PM
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