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Spirit Possession-A reality?
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Written by Gaurav Tiwari on January 06, 2010, 03:12:29 PM

Location : New Delhi, India

"I will Kill everyone who gets in my way", Screamed a young girl in a manly voice. She was tied with ropes around a bed.
Everyone around her looked very tensed and afraid. Her mother was chanting aloud the 'Bajrang Baan' in a trembling voice in a hope to get this possessed girl back to normal.
"I will take this girl away with me and the people who try to stop me", She Screamed in a terrorizing voice again.

I asked her parents what the matter was..
"She has been possessed by a spirit", her Father whispered in my ears.
I didn't have any clue what to do as I had always considered 'Possession' as a Hysterical phenomenon.

I was called there by her brother who knew that I have been into Paranormal Investigations for over couple of years.
I have been to haunted locations, researched on Spirits and Ghosts scientifically, have experienced a few real paranormal phenomena but this was the first time I was seeing a possessed person.

Her face was pale, her eyes were stoned and she had some weird expressions on her face.
She was trying to get rid of the ropes, screaming in a voice to kill.
I went near, She screamed again " I will Kill you bastard"..
The only thing I could do is SMILE.
When I smiled at her looking into her eyes, She started swearing more in a complete manly voice.. "I will kill you.. You Mother $%%^.. Get out of here...I know why are you here..Get out or I will ruin your family”, those were the words enough to make any one piddle in his pant.
I was astonished about what was happening.
I fondled her head and asked, "Who are you and why are you on this girl?"
"I am Ajeet and I will take this girl away with me”, she replied tossing her head on the bed.
I pressed her head on the bed and said looking directly into her eyes, "I am Gaurav. I am here to help you. I have been trying to learn about Spirits to help them. Is there anything I can help you with?"
"I want to drink a full glass of blood”, she spoke.
Her mother started crying on the full bass listening to this. I asked everyone to take her mother out of the room.
I carried on with my interrogation, "Spirits never drink blood. If you are a real spirit, tell me what do you know about Ajeet?"
But she was stubborn. She wanted a glass of blood before answering anything.
I was not able to convince her for anything.
 I took her father out of the room and talked to him. The story he told me gave a brilliant idea in my mind to handle the case.
I asked everyone to stay out of the room. I went alone to her and played a hypnotic music on my laptop.
Then I whispered in a soothing voice.. "Ajeet, I know you love this girl a lot. Don’t you?"
She started crying and then she screamed suddenly, "I loved this girl and she is responsible for my death...That is why I am taking her along. i want her to be dead"
I fondled her head again and said, "I know what could have happened...But love is forever. It was you who opted to suicide when she refused your proposal.. If you really loved her, you could have waited for her. You could have proven your love to her."
She Shivered and started twisting her body to untie herself.
I uttered, "Calm down! I am here to help you... If you love this girl, you must go to where you belong.
Love is to see your partner happy.. Not making yourself happy by torturing your love."
I saw tears rolling down her eyes. I was happy within that my hypnotic speech was working.
"I know were a good person in your life and you loved this girl more than anything in your life. But what has happened to you now? You have given her so much of pain and want to kill her. Are not you ashamed of yourself? "
She closed her eyes.
"Go where you belong to Ajeet! This girl should remain happy if you love her. Go back Ajeet".
Can you see a tunnel of light calling you back? That is your happiness. Go back Ajeet. When this Music Stops, you will be gone forever by then and will be happy in your own dimension. This girl has all the rights to be happy in her life as she is your LOVE."
She begin to relax. And when the music stopped, she opened her eyes and whispered "Mom..wate..mummy..water" in a faint voice.
I was happy that the ghost of Ajeet was gone forever. The Hypnotic speech worked.
I asked her parents to fetch her medical attention after this.
But this made me think that are all the possessions the case of extreme guilt feeling or fear which slowly conquers the subconscious of a human mind?
In this girl's case, it was a prolonged feeling of guilt and extreme fear which had taken over her senses.
Her father told me that 8 years ago, she had a classmate named 'Ajeet' who proposed to her. When she refused, He consumed poison and died.
She might have been thinking about him and would have developed a fear of Ajeet's ghost possessing her. And when anything wrong had happened in her life again, her weak subconscious mind took over her senses, making her feel possessed.
I believe that Possession is self made.
As a normal person, everyone gets possessed.
You, Me and everyone can be possessed if we don't believe in ourselves.
Possession is not only done by Spirits. It can be done by a living person too.
you might want to consider a case as an example of a young guy deeply and madly in love with a girl?
Isn't he possessed by that girl?
We can only stop possession if we are possessed by ourselves and strongly believe in what we are.


Gaurav Tiwari,CLPI

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Great post Gaurav and Great observations in the concluding paragraphs.  I couldn't agree more the mind is a powerful thing. More so than a lot of people realize.

by David Desjardins, CD on January 06, 2010, 04:09:36 PM
Excellent, excellent article, Gaurav! I'm impressed with the calm, deliberate, and creative manner in which you handled this case and helped the girl and her family. I'm also impressed with your conclusions which are sound and rational. Very well done!


by Doug Kelley on January 08, 2010, 05:05:31 PM
quote "We can only stop possession if we are possessed by ourselves and strongly believe in what we are."

This is right on target!

Excellent Article!

by Michael Jones on January 12, 2010, 11:38:06 AM

Excellent article!  

I have read about possession and always have feared coming upon a situation such as this.

Your story is a great example of how to stay calm, ask questions of those in the family to further educate you on why it was happening, distant the family as not to upset them any further and caring about both spirit and the girl. The outcome helped everyone involved.  

I hope to be able to follow your lead if such a situation should come up for me.

Your final statement...right on!

Thank you!


by Sherry McDonald on March 04, 2010, 01:15:55 PM

Definitely Sherry.

I believe the only key to solve any problem is to believe in yourself.

People believe in you if you believe in yourself.

You would understand anyone else better if you understand your capabilities very well.

And you are your own leader if you understand what i said.

Thank you.


by Gaurav Tiwari on March 04, 2010, 01:45:07 PM
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