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Science v/s Paranormal Investigation
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Written by Gaurav Tiwari on May 24, 2012, 12:06:29 AM

Science v/s Pseudo Science


Since the day I started investigating the paranormal phenomena, many have asked me if Science supports paranormal existence, or if Science has proven the existence of the spiritual realm. They are usually the same people who can die for their Religion and God, but can quickly turn a disbeliever when it comes to Paranormal. Many people also think that God and Ghosts are two opposit things. When it comes to the rationalists in India, I have personally felt that they are only interested in ridiculing new ideas, or the experiences that millions of people generally have, all across the globe. These Experiences even happens when Science and education are so developed that it has elevated the sense of superiority among human beings that We know almost everything about this universe.

We have always studied that there are different branches of Science. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, applied science, natural science, main stream science, pseudo-science, etc.

‘Pseudo-Science’ is the favorite term for the Rationalists in India, and most of them always feel proud in calling the science of paranormal investigation as ‘pseudo-science’.

And it gives me an immense pleasure to tell them back that Rationalism that is being practiced at majority of the places in India is a ‘pseudo-science’. How? That we will discuss in the later part. But first of all let’s understand what science is, and how it has influenced our belief system.



We live in the world of Extremes. We always try to be on edge. It is always either this way, or that way; whenever it comes to Faith, Religion, Belief, Science, self, or others around us. We always try to judge things on our beliefs and disbeliefs.  What we forget in the process that our ‘coming to a conclusion’ and building a belief is always ‘influenced’ by something.

Influence, as [] defines- is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on, or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others

Everything we believe or don’t believe in; is always influenced by something.  And as we are creatures of habit, we keep on believing or disbelieving in things, till the time we are more influenced with something else. When we are more influenced with something better, we start believing in it.

No one can just be a non-believer. As even if you don’t believe, you still believe in ‘not believing’.  If you call yourself a non-believer in spirituality, that makes a correct sense.  Most of the humanity do not believe on certain things just because it has not been proven by science.

Science is the name, taken from a Latin word ‘scientia ‘which means ‘Knowledge’. It also means a system that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations, and prediction about the Universe.  In modern use, Science is a term which refers to the way of pursuing knowledge, and not the knowledge itself. But is the current science the final authority in judging things that are beyond its reach?

The branch of science which is commonly accepted and practiced is called natural or physical science. This branch of science is only limited to the physical universe and their laws. Anything beyond the material or physical world is a big No for the natural scientists. But has this orthodox method of Science been able to answer EVERYTHING about the Universe? Almost yes, But maybe not!

Our medical/biological science can define everything about the functioning of body, but it has not yet been able to solve the mind/brain mystery, i.e. what is mind? It is physical? Or is it non-local?

What we generally study in our text books at schools are about theories of Natural science up to 1980. But do we know- what all have been further researched, and have been proven right or wrong by the same Natural Science?

Most of us have generally studied that every particle of the universe is made up of the same material called the Atoms (Anu) that consist nucleus holding neutrons and protons (positively charged), and has electrons (negatively charged) orbiting the nucleus.  The word Atom means- indivisible, or that cannot be broken into parts. The idea of Atoms was proposed by the early Indian and Greek philosophers, which came out to be a true fact in the late 18th century. This was another wonderful case to showcase how there cannot be Science without philosophy.

If we give a grounded thought on this, we all are made up of the same thing called Atoms. That means we all have that basic similarity. We still have different beliefs, likes, dislikes, and nature.  We are no different than a piece of stone lying at the street; if we look at the atomic level.  All that is making us different from the entire dead thing in universe is the ‘consciousness’ and ‘realization’ that we exist.

In late 1980, it was found that Atomic Sub-particles could be divided into further smaller units called Quarks. This discovery gave birth to another field of science called the Quantum Mechanics. Quantum mechanics has now advanced to a stage that it has made the General physical science to re-think about all the greatest discoveries that have been made by the greatest brains of human beings.

It was discovered that these Subatomic particles are bonded to each other by some Electromagnetic force, and not by gravity. This discovery instantly challenged the general theories of Albert Einstein on gravity. As his theories on Gravity, Solar system and Universe could explain only the working principle of larger particle of the universe, but the scene was entirely different when looked into the Sub-atomic world as they were not bonded due to gravity but only due to a strong Electro-magnetic force. 

Einstein was worried, and he soon started working on a theory called ‘Unified Field Theory’ to bring the General theories of the larger world, and Quantum theories together.

Many years later, Scientists and theorists who wanted to make Einstein’s dream come true about his Unified Field Theory, came out with another theory called the ‘String-Theory’. That defined that everything in this universe is made up of One-dimensional string of vibrating energy. String theories also gave birth to the concepts of parallel worlds, and 11 dimensions. Most of us can only see and feel four dimensions- Length, Breadth, Height, and Time. But with the birth of this concept, many string theories started coming into existence. Natural Science still doesn’t know whether the string theories can be proven right or wrong.

It was further found by Young’s Experiment or Double Slit Experiment* that we all are actually waves at sub-atomic level. Every particle can show both Wave like, and material like property.  This resulted in making the General Science re-think about many concepts such as Ghosts, Spirits, Possessions, Consciousness, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Survival Hypothesis etc.

However, many researches are being done on the concept of Consciousness that why we know that we exist as human, and why we exist. Another Branch of Science exist called Metaphysics- which is the science of reality and consciousness. Interesting fact is that ‘Rationalism’ is also a part of Metaphysics that is based on ‘a priori’ concept (Justification is independent of experience).



Now, as the modern world of Science has known so much about the Sub-atomic world, that many things seem possible in this world. All we can be are Skeptics, if not believers.

Skeptics are not disbelievers. They are intelligent people. They only believe in things that they believe is logical, or if they have experienced it. A healthy skepticism means always looking forward in a manner to understand things better. People those who say- they are skeptical about something does not mean that they disbelieve things. It means that they are open to the idea but they will only be convinced when they experience it, or when their logic succumbs to a superior logic.

Disbelieving in anything is a closed mindedness. Since it did not happen with us doesn’t mean it cannot happen with others. Of course, everything has a reason- Mental, Psychical, or physical. 

However, there are many in the entire world, those who call themselves ‘Rationalists’.  Rationalism is a part of metaphysical philosophy that is based on a general justification on things that is independent of experience. Like- ‘All politicians are corrupt.’ 

Rationalism is also usually disliked by the main-stream science as it is also based on general philosophies and usually generalizes things in one category.

Rationalism is true when it comes to rationalizing things like ‘what could have happened’. But most of the rationalist try to describe ‘What has really happened’ question with their ‘What could have happened’ answers.

To make it simple to say- Most of the Rationalists always try to judge a present event by the past results, or the results that had been found in other ‘similar’ not the ‘same’ case in the past.

How can this be open mindedness and true science? This is as imaginative as someone is explaining what is happening outside the city, without even moving from his couch at home.

A true paranormal investigator always adores the facts that are open-minded, without being biased by any pre-judgment or pre-conceived notions.




- By Reverend Gaurav Tiwari




Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science-

Double Slit Experiment -

String Theory -

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