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Discussions and Theories Regarding Parapsychology Research and Anomalous Events
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Personal Experimentation of Aquatic Telepathy
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Written by Kevin Costa on April 13, 2010, 02:06:05 PM

Research presented to the Parapsychology Dept. at West Georgia University, 1990.

While down in Key Largo, Fl. at the Dolphin Plus Research Center, I had a subjective telepathic experience with a dolphin named Fonzie.  As part of the "swim-with-a-dolphin-experience", the individual receives a few rides back and forth the natural lagoon while holding onto the dolphin's dorsal fin.  Before attempting to grip Fonzie's for the last time, I creatively envisioned both of us below the depths riding along the bottom.  Within a few seconds, while still holding on to Fonzie's dorsal fin, I was taken fourteen feet below the surface to the lagoon's rocky bottom.  Later, trying to envision similar commands above the water to the dolphins, nothing happened. Water may have appeared to play an important role in the successful exchange of our thought transference between man and dolphin.

Possibly water is a universal medium for communication with all life, since it is present in its very beginning. Doctor Charles Wallach of Behavioral Research Associates has proved unequivocally that all normal human infants have an essential telepathic link with their mothers.  This mental connection is present in the fifth or sixth month of gestation, if not earlier. (Wallach, 1990)  Why doesn't the child continue with this telepathic capability after birth? Psychologists believe that infants begin turning this communication channel off for good for pro-survival reasons at around eighteen months, when more effective verbal skills begin to develop.

To establish the possibilities of human aquatic-telepathy, an experimental situation similar to the dolphin's environment was established, rather than the cold confines of a scientific laboratory-booth used by J.B.Rhine.  In a relaxed state as possible, within the semi-regulated model of a PSI laboratory condition, my wife and myself, attempted to prove that water is an enhancing medium for telepathy. First a comparative experiment of similar trials was performed above water.  Two different types of targets were used to correspond to the different image patterns of the subjects used. One represented numbers from one through four for the analytical mind, the other set of targets were shapes of different animals, for the creative right hemisphere thinker.

In the past, I have had a history of subjective PSI experiences, where my wife had none as to date. We were in very relaxed and quiet states just before and during each trial of one hundred runs.  First one of us performed the sender’s task to transmit a telepathic image of the target to the receiver, who sat at a distance of approximately eight feet away.  The receiver’s first impressions and sender’s targets were recorded instantly by the sending subject, and tallied later.  Both types of targets, even when roles were switched, resulted in only constant chance scores.

The second task was to perform the same experiments below the surface of water.  A chlorinated heated pool of seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit water temperature was used. The full scuba gear we wore was cumbersome, yet warm, with dive-skins and wet suits to preserve body heat while under the surface. Hand signals were used as a form of communication to start and stop each run, similar to the verbal response in the above water experiments.  Signals were also given when the role of the receiver replied to the number targets.  For the animal targets, a board with the same pictures drawn on it was used.  The receiver replied to each run by pointing.  Again, each of us took turns sending and receiving one hundred runs with each set of targets, recording results, immediately on an underwater slate.

The results of the underwater trials on three of the four one hundred runs showed a significant increase of Positive PSI.  I showed a constant increase in PSI using both type of targets.  This showed that correlating pictures to right and left-brain hemispheres had no affect on the experimental outcome.  The total chance probability was in the range of 0.05 to 0.01.   According to comparative PSI experiments, this was in the realm of good to excellent in showing that paranormal activity was present. (Eysenck and Sargent, 1983) My wife also showed excellent positive PSI results in her first attempt at underwater sending, with a probability chance of 0.01.  The last trial run with animals unfortunately resulted in only a chance score.  In all fairness, this last trial run was done under stress and fatigue, after already being underwater for over an hour.

The above experimentations prove that water is an enhancement medium for telepathy and that future exploration in paranormal activities should consider its use.  Future attempts at aquatic-telepathy should include more demanding and scientific procedures with the experimenter as an outside observer, rather than one of the subjects.  Better breathing devices and comfortable, less restricting underwater garments would give subjects a better environment for the obtainment of a relaxed state.  To eliminate any future possibilities of facial or body cues underwater, a steel barrier could be placed between the two subjects.  This should be high enough to cover most of the body, but still allow visual hand signals.

Other variables might be investigated, such as the type of water used.  Many trial runs should be tested in different water mediums; salt, fresh, chlorine, etc.  The sending or receiving procedures of both subjects might be explored further.  One subject could speak fluently in a foreign language unknown to the other subject and project similar targets, but transmit foreign phonetic imaginary.  If results show positive PSI beyond chance probability, than such an experiment might be also successful in interspecies mind-transference.

To investigate the similarity between aquatic-telepathy and the cetacean's echolocation, the subjects may want to record their trial runs with highly sensitive recording devices.   This would filter out all normal breathing apparatus noise, and record any unusual sounds from a hydrophone.  The remaining sounds would then be compared to dolphin's sonar recording to see if any similarities existed.  Any positive results would prove that dolphin's echolocation is a form of aquatic-telepathy sending, and expand the possibility of interspecies communication between man and cetacean through mind-transference. If aquatic-telepathy does exist, it should be Mankind’s scientific challenge to investigate its extensive possibilities.  Even if water is not solely responsible for this phenomenon, it does bear testimony of an excellent medium to explore other paranormal activities, such as clairvoyance and precognition.


Wallach, Charles, PH.D.: "Telepathic wiring." Brain Mind Bulletin, Feb.1990, p.6.

Eysenck, Hans, J., and Sargent, Carl: Know Your Own PSI-Q. New York, World Almanac, 1983.

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