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Discussions and Theories Regarding Parapsychology Research and Anomalous Events
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The Dolphin Connection: Aquatic Telepathy
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Written by Kevin Costa on March 15, 2010, 05:32:51 PM

Originally written by Kevin Costa as a Research Article for West Georgia University, 1990.


Imagine surrounded by a warm fluid in a relaxed state of well-being.  You are interrupted in nirvana bliss by a vision which appears as a three dimensional holographic picture.  Such an encounter happens regularly within the cetacean species.  To these advanced sea mammals this occurrence is as customary as our way of human communication.  In the lost recesses of human consciousness, could man have or establish such lines of communication?  By observing and correlating dolphin conscious with man, we might be able to reestablish a lost art of nonverbal primal communication.  This could be a missing link to the connectivity and harmony between all life.

One theory that might enlighten such a hypothesis of species similarity would be by tracing both mammals primal evolution.  Man and cetacean were once land cousins.  They were adorned with hair for climate protection and advanced in limb construction for technical hand coordination.  When the planet's topography changed in massive turmoil, both species were advanced enough to survive and adapt, yet in a different manner. Man continued development on land, while the cetacean took to water.  Physical changes took place as the two progressed through evolution.  To communicate with one another, man developed vocal cords which to produce sounds heard on land. For the cetacean, this would serve no real purpose.  Sound produced under water can be heard at a greater distance, yet more scattered and obscure as a form of constant communication. The dolphin therefore would have had to develop a different form of communicating, one better suited for their environment. Unlike man, scent signals would have lost their usefulness and visual signals would have been impractical.  With the necessity to swim and stay afloat, any means of body movement and communicative signals would be detrimental to their survival.

Under modern laboratory conditions, cetaceans do use some form of noise for communication, however, a highly advanced order, one in which man can't comprehend.  It goes beyond the restrictions of scientific explanation, somewhere in realm of quantum theory or application of paranormal consciousness.  This pulsating tone produces an echolocation tool, which enables the dolphin to visualize objects of different shapes and sizes even hidden from the naked eye behind solid lead.

Dolphins may be using their sonar to project images into other cetacean's brains.  Its motivational functions such as intimacy and feelings, both important attributes necessary for human PSI, may be more active in the dolphin's neocortical brain process than in humans'.   Their thoughts may be more emotionally charged.  Because of the cetacean's enlarged neocortex, Microbiologist Harry Jension at the University of California Medical School proposes that the dolphin's echolocation system may have evolved to the point where it creates the dolphin's reality. (Kaplan, 1989)   Their echolocation process may operate similar to visual processes in humans.  Could this be a form of telepathic communication, an evolutionary tool used to replace the senses of sight and hearing for the aquatic mammal?

There are cases under laboratory conditions of dolphins processing telepathic capabilities.  Aldo Aulicino, a researcher in charge of an international multidisciplinary project called Kylslos, noted an unusual phenomenon.   Two dolphins were separated miles apart, and after one was put into an artificial distress mode, at that exact moment, its mate reacted in a rescuing manner. (Milla, 1989)  Cases of extreme emotional need have triggered paranormal activity in human relationships such as married couples, mother and child, and twins.  Simple human thought transference in laboratory testing situations, however, has not yielded results more than marginally convincing.  Possibly finding a link between these two species' form of telepathic communication, we may find a common ground. 

A variable medium might produce a better alternative to telepathic laboratory experiences and an understanding of cetacean aquatic communication. A medium suggested,for which all animals came forth from, is water.  Adding this variable to the psychic experience may contribute to a similar form of cetacean aquatic-telepathy.  Following John Lilly's floatation tank design, researcher Timothy Wyllie became more aware of conditions dolphins live in. (Wyllie, 1984) He persistently experienced "out-of-body" realms and commented that if dolphins have had millions of years to develop a communicative system in such a medium, there is good evidence that their sonar echolocation is a sophisticated method of remote viewing and telepathic communication.

There are other cases reported of aquatic-telepathic experiences, some purposely administered and others that have happened quite unexpectedly.  In the summer of 1959, aboard the American submarine Nautilus, many naval experiments in mental suggestion were performed.  They showed that telepathic information can be transmitted without loss through a thickness of seawater and sealed metal covering of a submarine. (Vasiliev, 1963)   This correlates with the dolphin's echolocation imagery used, in experiments of locating objects behind lead and steel doors.


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Hey Kevin,

Very interesting material! It certainly makes a compelling argument for dolphins possessing psi ability. 


by Doug Kelley on March 15, 2010, 05:54:16 PM

This is some interesting work. When I hear about echolocation I sometimes think of people like Daniel Kish, who was blind as a baby who taught himself how to "view" objects by creating sound. Not quite the dynamics of visualizing it, but I do recall an interview with him that he said he can see the shapes of objects in his mind.

It's also amazing to me at how horrible most people are at reading body language, which is a skill our ancestors relied on for survival. Most people are unaware at the subtle cues we give each other or how to read them. As a man I realized I'm actually handicapped at this and I have spent a lot of time learning various techniques.

Anyway, great material and I wonder if there is more work being done with telepathy between us and dolphins, I agree a definite key to figuring out a lot of answers!

by Brian Parsons on March 15, 2010, 09:51:45 PM
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