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Brain Matrixing or Pareidolia
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Written by Mahesh Chavhan on August 20, 2018, 05:40:24 AM

Brain Matrixing or Pareidolia

Almost all  Paranormal Investigators goes through a condition where they have to review some photos or videos containing human like shadows, orbs, weird faces, apparition etc. "An Apparition means a remarkable presence of Ghost or ghost like figures." Very few of these photos or videos are truely Paranormal but the others are purely the trick of our brain which we call as  "Brain Matrixing or Pareidolia."

Brain Matrixing or Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. Seeing these things in photos, videos or sometimes even with the naked eye, is known as matrixing or pareidolia, apophenia or anthropomorphizing. "Ghost Hunters," says Matrixing is a term used to describe the human mind's natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors.

In other words, matrixing occurs when you find a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects, reflections or patterned surfaces. Many people claims to capture photograph or Ghosts but these are mostly due to Brain Matrixing. For example, if you see clouds for a longer period of time then you will notice that you can see faces and other familier things in it. 

Bloody Mary Mystery Solved:

 Now a days, Bloody mary's game is being more popular due to internet and fake publicity in which people claims to see the ghost of bloody mary in mirror after saying her name three times.

In this game we have to light a candle and at night we have to chant the name of bloody mary three times looking at mirror. It is said that by doing this bloody mary can haunt you for life. As a paranormal investigator I can say that this is completely because of Brain matrixing or Pareidolia.

But what is the reality of that why people see weird faces in Mirror?  In the dark room, if we are focusing on the light in mirror, then our brain gets tired. Due to this it starts making complex shapes in our visions and we can see our face distorted or other weird things in the mirror. 

Did you know that some people argue EVPs are a form of auditory pareidoila? The same concept where instead of your brain trying to make sense of images it cannot process it is doing the same things with sounds. A sound that the brain cannot process all of a sudden sounds like ‘hello’. Perhaps this is why with a lot of EVP’s if you have 5 people listen to the EVP without telling them what you think it says, it is likely they will all come back with a different interpretation of what is being said. This is why unless it is a Class A EVP it usually isn’t worth worrying about. Have you ever heard of people playing music in reverse usually heavy metal music and they think they can hear satanic phrases or devil worshipping incantations? More likely again their brain is interpreting what it cannot understand. Perhaps your religious beliefs influence how you are interpreting this information and hence why there was the famous Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich story. Again it all goes back to our brains. 


So take caution in what you're seeing. Never jump to conclusions without thinking about all the different ways what you think you're seeing could be something else. Apophenia is a common occurrence for everyone, and can easily lead to assumptions that simply aren't true.

Tips on identifying matrixing:

  • Look closely at the photograph. Pictures of trees,      fields, cluttered rooms or closets, mirrors and glass are prime candidates      for matrixing.
  • Closely examine the face or figure. If it is      paranormal, the image will be made up of its own material, not what is in      the photo.
  • Look at the proportions of the face or figure. If the      image is disproportionate, it's most likely matrixing.



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