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Witnessing a loved one's near death experience and the sights surrounding
Submitted By: Sherryjane Cooke Date: February 20, 2011, 05:16:01 PM Views: 2171
Summary: My father, dying of cancer in that hospice, saw someone there above, so beautiful and mouthed the word's God wants ME!!?? I immediately understood. But I was not prepared to see what I saw as I was leaving the room as he seemed to sleep so peacefully. What I saw was a gift to me...

Recently attending the beautiful funeral of a much loved older friend, June Law, I became aware of some of the things witnessed by her much beloved family prior to her death. In fact, some of these reports occurred days before her passing. Having my own near death experience and witnessing my father's Shared Near Death Experience (SND) I began to wonder why we are allowed to witness this phenomenon with our loved ones prior to or during their passing.

How can this be? If a Near Death Experience can be explained away by the dying brain (lack of blood flow, lack of oxygen, buildup of carbon dioxide, etc.), how can those of us who we who are healthy, not ill and do not have dying brains, be a witnesses the dying's visions? I quickly went to information from the one man who changed my life after my own confusing and secretive (lest they thought I might need psychiatric help!) near death experience, Dr. Raymond Moody .

In Dr. Raymond Moody 's new book, Glimpses of Eternity  (with collaborator, Paul Perry) which is the first book to talk about the phenomenon of 'shared death experiences,'I found my answers and more!)

Then there is the incredible interview of Dr. Moody with Katie Couric in his appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. See the replay at Amazingly, that led me to an interview with the most respected Dr. Raymond Moody, world renowned and groundbreaking researcher, author and leading resource for all facets of near experiences, being interviewed by Paul Perry on this very subject of witnessesing the passage of dying loved ones!

Watching this interview, I found a shocking and breathtakingly perfect description of my own witnessing during my father's passing! In Dr. Moody's interview, he mentions that these witnessed experiences are mostly shared with the people with whom the dying person is most passionately connected. These shared experiences usually are with that person or entire families within the room of the dying loved one.

Dr. Raymond Moody is the leading authority on the 'near death experience,' a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Best-selling author of eleven books, including Life After Life, which has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, Dr. Moody captures enormous worldwide public acclaim with his groundbreaking work on what happens when we die.

Moody's most famous book was made into a movie of the same name, Life After Life, for which he won a bronze medal in the Human Relations Category at the New York Film Festival. He was also awarded the World Humanitarian Award.

He has appeared on Oprah three times and the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning and has appeared on many other media venues.  

Dr. Moody's Glimpses of Eternity (Mind, Body, Spirit) by Dr. Raymond Moody, author and Paul Perry (collaborator) Shared near Death experiences (SNDs) involve visions shared by the dying person and another person who is not near death, usually a loved one or someone tending to the dying person. In his book, Dr. Moody also gives examples of fellow physicians holding the hands of patients and seeing the dying patient's family members as the dying patient sees them. My own SND came from being in the same room as my father was passing, Yet, as Dr. Moody explains some take place when they are miles apart. Witnesses (sometimes one in the room, sometimes many) report seeing misty vapors rising from the dying person, hearing them describe what they are seeing, glowing bright lights in the room or observing deceased relatives or loved ones in the room, encountering "heavenly realms," hearing strange music, and even the non-dying person witnessing the dying person's life review or having a life review of his or her own.

"Shared death experiences deal with the notion of a variety of extra senses, including telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, astral projection, spontaneous out-of-body experiences and perhaps other that I have not yet anticipated," Moody explains. Moody tells of his own experience involving strange happenings at the bed of his dying mother, experiences witnessed not only by him but by other family members. A number of the stories involve more than one person witnessing a particular phenomenon.

I truly believe it is ll of the above reasons and the passionate connection to that witness. It is the deep love, faith and respect that led me to witness this incredible gift that my father and our Father God allowed me to see what I saw? I believe that love in its purest form can be the catalyst for shared near death experiences. And is this SND for those who the dying know will readily testify to and carry on what they saw, without reservation or ridicule?  That's yet another question to consider.

Skeptics will have extensive arguments against the reality of the shared death experience, Dr. Moody and those of us who have experienced this phenomenon know that Shared Near Death Experiences "tell us more about the afterlife than the NDE and that they are "the key to proving the existence of an afterlife."

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