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"I could feel Robin's life energy leaving her" - Julie's near death experience
Submitted By: Sherryjane Cooke Date: February 20, 2011, 04:40:37 PM Views: 932
Summary: Two women, closely bonded were faced with a horrific death as their car spun out of control into a gigantic truck backing up on the New York throughfare. They took the near death experience together. One remained. One came back.

I was captivated by a recent broadcast on theTV entertainment network under Biography called  Survived Beyond And Back - as "Julie" retold her near death experience with her journey of beyond with her friend, Robin. Julie had lived in South America for a while with her parents and saw the deviation of the classes. The rich and the people literally dying in the streets. I was then she knew what her mission in life would work. She rose to the top, working government facilities and departments.

It was a foggy cloudy day as Julie and her coworker, Robin left for a meeting on the other side of New York City. As they road together, with Robin driving, they both seemed to connect even on a deeper level than ever before. As Julie laughingly says "I loved Robin. She was half Jewish and half Irish, which gave her that amazing spunk and loveable personality. We had talked many times, but on this particular ride, it seemed we were connecting on a deeper level. She was talking about the man she loved, and I talked about the man I loved and the conversation became one to remember."

"As we approached the on-ramp of the New York throughfare, the fog seemed to part and we were immediately confronted by a huge truck that was backing up from the shoulder into our lane. Robin swerved, trying to avoid the truck, but that only sent our car spinning in circles. Robin's side slammed into the back of the truck. There was confusion and chaos...through all the noise, I could hear Robin's neck break, killing her instantly. Things came to a quick stop....I was in severe pain and believing I was dying. Blood gushed from my injuries." Julie had suffered several facial injuries, lower broken back, broken jaw bones, internal injuries and so much more. The jaws of life began to cut Julie out of the wreakage.

Julie looked at Robin, only to know she was dead. "I could actually feel the life force leaving her...I felt it as if an energy had passed through me. There were sirens and people talking and then I was suddenly somewhere else." I was in a tunnel (amazingly described as this Examiner's own tunnel) with almost a round rock side, not hard, just the texture image looked like that. There was a bright beautiful light in front of us and one behind, as if open on both ends.  My friend Robin was with me! I was so thrilled at that! The being that was taking us to the light. This being had no nothing."

Then the being seemed to telepathically say, "Only one of you can go on, but the stronger of you both must go back. It will be difficult and there will be much pain for a long while - a very long while. Who will choose to stay back? I thought, I want to live, I'm not ready yet, I have things to do. Then I felt this incredible guilt...why should I live, why not Robin...what have I done?"

Robin was smiling sweetly at me, such a beautiful girl! And so at peace and with joy in her eyes, I left her. suddenly it was as if a large vacuum grabbed me, I was sucked back to the car as they cut me out of it. Incredible pain wracked my body, blood, everywhere and paramedics working on me."

Since that time Julie has had multiple painful surgeries, including a metal plate in her jaw. She is in constant pain and will be probably forever.

Julie says "One day I met and had lunch with Robin's mother. I told her in detail what had happened and what Robin and I had experienced. She and I were both sobbing, when she asked me to write it all down for her. I did, and sent it to her. She wanted peace and being able to read that experience, she would always have that story of her daughter's beautiful passage to Heaven."

Coming back changes you in so many ways. Spiritually, definitely. In this body we have, it may not be that we have an easy time and must endure pain. We can only pray for Julie, that her pain is relieved and her courageous action is awarded. As for Robin, I believe she watches over Julie and will one day be there to greet her much loved friend, Julie.

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