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The Case of Mrs.Carden and Stella Diaz
Submitted By: Sherryjane Cooke Date: October 03, 2010, 06:41:29 PM Views: 1042

We are all interested in what lies beyond this life.  NDE's or near death experiences are caused by many different, reasonably explained reasons, and they change people. We can have reasons for these being caused by many scientific or spiritual reasons.  
In these articles, I will research the opinions, reality and/or debunking or proving these experiences.

Do these NDE's show an insight into what lies ahead of death? I only know what I experienced, have researched and discussed with ministers, doctors, nurses, spiritualists and friends who have gone through such a mind-changing experience.
I believe it is only fair to first describe my own NDE and request any thoughts or opinions that will help concur or debunk this experience. Comments, questions and research are highly appreciated.

At seventeen years old, I was an intense surfer, loving the wind, the sea and freedom of moving smoothly across the waters. My two best friends, Janie Birsner and Valerie Vernier were with me that day. Such a beautiful day, with the most incredible waves. Life couldn't have been better in Galveston, Texas. We sat for a while and discussed our lives, hating to leave, but knowing we all had dates that night.

So loading up Janie's uncle's van with our surfboards, we quickly left the island to get ready for the nightly fun and frolic. Janie drove, Val was sitting on the motor part of the van and I was in the passenger seat. All the way down the I-45 Freeway to League City, we sang and laughed at each others' prowess on the waves. I had just rolled up the window from leaning out to dry my long blonde hair.

Approaching our League City exit, Janie was in the middle lane and signaled that we were exiting. She asked if it was clear - the van's closed in frame blocked her view. As I turned around to make sure it was clear of traffic, immediately a huge, long black Cadillac was bearing down upon us on my side. I will never forget his face and was thinking how much he looked like Al Capone, with the big cigar and round face. As he sped up, I told Janie "No!" but she was already moving to exit to the right lane, suddenly blocked off by the black Caddy.
As the van began to swerve to miss him, I wondered why he would be smiling, so calm and continue knowing that we were in trouble. Then he became sideways in my view. There was a thud and the van began sliding down the freeway on my side. All I could see was pavement and sparks under the glass window that I had just rolled up. Pressure from my friends' bodies began to crush against me and my foot hurt. Later, I learned it was crushed, broken in the step well area of the van.

Then things became surrealistic, and I remembered seeing the passengers in the car in front of us with frightened looks in their eyes as the van then lurched to the left. Later, I was told that we hit a sign, which began the van's end over end rolls. My friends disappeared in a cloud of metal and glass and soon I was thrown on the third flip out the windshield, or was it the door?

I began to feel wind on my face, but I could hear the glass and metal sounds as if they were on top of me. My thoughts were that I would die. Within an instant, I was within a black, no walled tunnel, so soft and warm, but could still hear the sounds all around me. I will die and the van will crush me I knew.

But in this tunnel, someone was behind me... was it God, an angel? I was being taken through the tunnel and could see the beautiful rainbow glow at its end. And I had never felt such incredible love and comfort in my life - it was not an earthly feeling, but one that goes completely through you.

As if "he" knew my thoughts, he told me I would be ok... I argued that I was destined for death now. No matter how hard I tried, I could not look behind me to discover the person that guided me. Then I began to argue that although it was so beautiful at the end, I had children and grandchildren that I must be there for. I even told "Him" how many children I would have!

As if he was considering my ending, I explained the things I needed to do - one being these children must be made to know the dangers of life and of driving too fast. Like an attorney, I convinced "Him" that I was needed on earth. Within an instance, I hit what seemed like a sonic boom barrier and I was flying through the air with light and wind...never yet hitting the ground! How could that be? I seemed to be with my friend for hours!

I hit the shell edging of the freeway, rolled over and over until I could finally stand up trying to catch my breath, hands on knees like in track classes. Instantly a man came to me - with all that long hair, I could not see him either. He was telling me sternly to sit down and take my almost severed little fingers out of my long hair and put my head down. I obligingly sat, still in shock over the events no one yet knew. But I had to see who this good Samaritan was! As I looked up... It was my Uncle Gene Powell... still alive and living 40 miles away in Angleton, married to my much loved Aunt Georgia. He was like my second father and I trusted both of them with my life.  He had the beautiful dark hair and eyes and looked much like Johnny Cash, and such a beloved and gentle person in my life since childhood. I felt so calm and loved.

Wait! This makes no sense!  How could he get there so fast! And although he had never let go of my wrist, when I looked up again to ask how he got there so quickly, it was NOT my uncle, but a young blond man. But this person had never let go of my wrists! How could this be? Can angels take the form of the person you love most to calm you? I truly believe they can. So many things are unexplained.

So, I have made it a mission to find out what is fact and what is something we cannot realistically explain.

The one thing I do know is that I came out of that experience, not as the shy, closed person I was... but my soul and mind. I loved everyone and wanted to know everything about that person I meet. A total change in character. I never meet a "stranger" and always try to figure out why that person has such pain or anger.

Before I ran from those people. Now, I run toward them. Is this God's gift to me? Did I simply have a brain injury? If I did, I totally accept it and hope it never leaves. But what I saw and what I felt was as real as if it happened today.

People could not believe we lived. There were no seatbelts, the surfboards were in 1 inch pieces, the seats were ripped up from the floorboard bolts and the van was crushed into a small ball. Not many walk away from that... we three were saved for reasons...and a brain injury was not what saved us in this life, nor changed the number of children I predicted to "Him." My friends have never spoken of what they felt and it took me years to even admit what happened during those seconds - or hours.

Throughout my later career with the University of Texas Medical Branch and my nursing experiences with many critical and dying patients, I have witnessed many NDE's, spoken to patients, families and researchers who had opinions on these seemingly frequent NDE's.
Through massive amounts of reading, research, news stories and actual interviews I found it my mission to explain or scientifically and spiritually discover the truth. I only know is that I am not afraid of death anymore.

I hope you enjoy my column and now know something about me. I welcome subscribers and comments and perhaps we can travel this road together.
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