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A visit to our live loved ones during a near death experience? One woman's story
Submitted By: Sherryjane Cooke Date: October 03, 2010, 06:23:40 PM Views: 1518
Summary: The Case of Mrs. Carden and Mrs. Stella Diaz is one that is a strong argument as to whether our dying loved ones visit us prior to death.

The Case of  Mrs.Carden and 
Mrs. Stella Diaz
A strong argument for whether our dying loved ones
visit us prior to death.
You must understand Stella first to know that she speaks truth into the controversy of whether near death experiences allow us to visit before we pass over.  Stella explained her experience with me and as we both spoke, we were apparently not alone. The hair stood up on our arms, the goosebumps continued throughout the story of Stella being visited during a friend’s near death experience and finally the friends death.

Stella had a glamorous, rich life in Columbia. Her family had several hundreds of acres of land on which they grew exotic plants. These were exported to the United States for florists and major floral chains seeking unusual plants and flowers. I've seen pictures of Stella when she was in her family's villa. She looked like someone who had the beauty and style of a Selma Hyak. Standing in front of a huge mirror gracing the massive fireplace at the villa, she wore capri pants of silk, tall designer heels and was breathtakingly beautiful. The pictures she showed me were of fields and awnings of the most lovely exotic flowers. Picture after picture, it was a paradise of nature's beauty and peace.
Yet peace soon turned to unbelievable tragedy and betrayal in this paradise. Her husband was a drug lord who, by marrying Stella, had the land to produce much more than exotic flowers....and his empire grew. Stella only knew that strange, mysterious men began to hold secretive meetings with her husband. Suddenly, there were federalies and search warrants and arrests, turning Stella's life upside down and her husband was extradited to the U.S. and serves life in prison, as does her son, who soon followed his father's illegal business and fate. Much later, she would lose her son and a daughter to a fatal crash caused by her other son's addictions.
All in Columbia was lost - her family, the land and the life and paradise she loved. She now cleans my house and others' homes here in the states - the silk capris are now long flannel short and t-shirts, the heels replaced by tennis shoes, the makeup is not necessary any more. But her beauty still shines inside and out.

Many of the homes she cleans are mansions much as she had in Columbia. But her beautiful soul, unwavering faith and gentleness endears her to us all. She has been touched by God and lives happily, although with many health problems, no to homes and working nights cleaning a gigantic church in Houston. She is still spreading her love and faith amongst us all with the innocence of a child. She is my best friend, my counselor and we all love her dearly.

This leads me to the loving relationship between Stella and Mrs. Carden.
A beauty herself, Mrs. Carden lived in a huge, town and country style home with the interior to match any rich and famous status. As Stella recalls in her delightful Columbian accent "She was always so beautiful, dressed and put together like a celebrity at all times." Mrs. Carden was married to a wonderful Asian man who held a high position in the space industry. She had a four year old daughter who matched her mother's dark haired beauty and style. But there were no pretenses with this family; they were so loving as individuals and were grounded in caring for each other and other people loved them as well.  Mrs. Carden couldn't help but love Stella, as she carries the soul and spirit of an angel.
Almost a year later Mrs. Carden began to feel ill. She was diagnosed with an agressive form of breast cancer.
Stella said "She began to stay in bed, beauty and strength fading - the beautiful dark hair was gone then and she was as a crushed shell of herself.
One morning Mrs. Carden came into the kitchen while Stella was cleaning and almost unable to walk, shaking terribly, begged Stella to get her medication. She was soon in the hospital in critical and terminal condition. Stella visited her often knowing her time was at hand. A week prior to her death, Mrs. Carden begged Stella to watch over her daughter and also stay with her at her bedside to hold her hand always. In Stella's loving manner, she prayed out loud for her in Spanish, begging the Lord for a miracle or to take her peacefully in love.

Now, the experience:
Stella told me tearfully that she went home to sleep but early morning, she jerked and suddenly sat up in bed completely awake and startled by her thoughts of Mrs. Carden. At that instant the door to her bedroom (which was tightly closed) opened with a almost violent "whooshing sound" at the same instant Mrs. Carden rushed at her, sheer figured but completely recognizable and beautiful again, dressed in a white flowing mist of a gown, lovingly saying "Stella!" She rushed in within miliseconds, "arms open to hug me and went right through me! I felt love, I felt strength, peace and I knew she had come to say goodbye."  
By that afternoon, before Stella could finish cleaning her home, Chan, Mrs. Carden's husband called to tell Stella that she had died. Yet Stella's experience had happened hours prior to Mrs. Carden's transition! She had visited her beloved friend Stella.
Chan was urged to marry by Mrs. Carden - not to wait, find someone who loved him and her daughter without reservation. He did, seven months his daughter's favorite teacher.
Which seems to tell us that there is a period of time, going through a near death experience and leaving this earth, we may have the desire or are allowed to travel first to our loved ones to share the wonderful passing with them. I believe Stella with all my heart and soul that she was in fact, visited before Mrs. Carden's death.
Stella doesn't have it in her to ever lie. I will try not to startle her so much before I cross over. And Stella will have her paradise back one day - her beautiful soul and love for others will take her there.

As I wrote this article, I felt a small tug on my shirt, possibly a soft hand touching, not so much tugging.  It did not scare me, in fact it seemed to affirm that the story must be shared.  I was honored to know that Mrs. Carden somehow approved of my determination to tell this story.

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