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If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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The Alien Agenda – Thoughts on Course Correction
Submitted By: Date: September 14, 2009, 09:45:22 PM Views: 1111
Summary: Thoughts and discussion on Sharon K West's article on this subject. Looking at our military's Black Ops as a possible perpetrator, and doubting that we are under attack by ETs.

Sharon K. West’s article on this subject and mine earlier this summer on “Why We Should Let Go of Roswell”, I think form the basis of a useful discussion here.

First we are clearly in agreement on several things.
•   Our government is in no hurry to own up to anything
•   It is non-productive when an incident of whatever kind happens, to call the authorities. While there are cases where police have checked things out carefully and have honestly reported what they saw – for instance in my home state of NH, the Exeter police in the 60’s did a great job, that was sadly an exception.
•   It is also not very productive to spend a lot of time and energy chasing after the government to disclose what they know. If we do ever get anything it will still be heavily limited and edited “for National Security Reasons”.
•   It is an excellent idea to have a plan for how to handle an abduction, so that if that occurs, one can be prepared, both with questions and a determination to remember everything. It does seem that the vast majority of abductees, even if they are taken multiple times, are taken by surprise and are quite traumatized by the experience. There are instances however of people like Jim Sparks who I have met and talked with (he wrote “The Keepers”) who have essentially complete recall of their experiences. His book is a detailed account of a number of abductions and is very credible. The ETs in his case were teaching him their written language to increase his ability to communicate with them.

There are organizations that have been formed to respond to all kinds of reports of UFO sightings and ET Close Encounters. MUFON is the largest and best known, and ParaNexus is no slouch either! Another alternative to reporting to the authorities is to contact the news media. This has had mixed results in the past, with the Roswell incident being typical in that the local media initially played it a straight news, but after a day or so the Powers That Be stepped in and successfully muddied the waters.

The area I would like to discuss has to do with who is doing the abductions and why. To me, many of these incidents have the odor of a military operation, and I mean our military with their so called “Black Ops”. It is highly regrettable that we have to contemplate our own people doing that sort of thing, but we have very recent examples of many unpleasant and illegal things being done in the name of National Security.

There are (to me at least) two possibilities:

First, a deliberate program of clandestine abductions and inflicted trauma by our own people in an effort to promote an atmosphere of fear and doubt while testing new and secret technologies.

Second, a program of enforced medical and mental research by ETs.

The reason I am inclined to go with the second, is that the idea of ETs being behind the abduction phenomenon makes no sense to me. A race of beings that has the technology to travel at least tens of light years to get here, but then has to use crude medical procedures and implants to get information about our bodies, is absurd. Even we have got as far as MRI’s and genetic engineering! It is also wildly unlikely that they would require such a huge worldwide sample as 1 in 50 people to get useful data. I would add that we have clearly been visited for many millennia by multiple races of ETs, so why would they not have got all the required data ages ago?

I am also troubled by the idea that we are under attack, for essentially the same reason. Many researchers have observed that ETs with hostile intentions could have had their way with us long ago, and I agree. I think we should be cautious, but open to the idea that while their methods are sometimes weird and even traumatic, and while their agenda and intentions are obscure, there have to be ways to meet them without fear and as participants rather than victims.

Bio of author

Mr. Mather-Lees is married with two grown daughters. He was educated in England at Cambridge and holds an MA in Mechanical Sciences. He has been a career engineer since the 1970’s, and is widely experienced in computer technology and software. He has a long time interest in the mind, space travel, science fiction, cosmology, philosophy, and comparative religion.
He is the author of the recently published book “Who The Bleep Designed Us? A God? ETs? Both? Neither?”, and discussed this on ParaNexus with Doug Kelley on 7/30/2009.

The book website is Mr. Mather-Lees can be reached by Email at

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