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Why we need to let go of Roswell
Submitted By: Date: June 25, 2009, 04:01:31 PM Views: 1465
Summary: The article makes a case for looking forward rather than (or at least as well as) backward. When we let go of wanting the government to admit to all the cover-ups, we can start participating instead of reacting.

June 25, 2009, by Stephen Mather-Lees

The Roswell affair is perhaps the best known UFO incident. Much has been written about it and there is probably more evidence publicly available on it than any other incident of its type. The government denials and explanations are actually comical in their crudity and arrogance, and it is understandable that almost anyone who looks at the evidence will want to see a full disclosure and admission of guilt by the authorities.

So, why would I advocate letting it go? (Along with the Betty and Barney Hill affair, the great Ohio-Pennsylvania UFO chase, the Chicago O’Hare sighting, the Phoenix triangle, and so many others.) A few reasons.

•   First, we are wasting our time. If we have learned anything from the last few decades in every possible arena, it is that officialdom will almost never own up to any wrongdoing, no matter how obvious the facts are, and especially if it is possible to claim a “National Security Issue”.
•   Second and more important, is that the energy that goes into the push for disclosure distracts us from more productive investigations.
•   Third, any disclosure that does take place will inevitably be a long way from complete, and will still contain lots of inconsistencies and gaps. In fact on the couple of occasions when the Freedom of Information Act was invoked to extract 50-year old
information on UFO sightings and ET contact, the hundreds of pages eventually released were almost completely whited (or blacked) out. Why? You guessed it – “National Security Reasons”.

OK, says you, I’ll bite, what should we be doing?

I say that we should take it as a given that not one but many races of ETs have been visiting Earth for many tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. The evidence is all around us if we care to look for it – the Internet abounds with sites, there are numerous conferences every year, and there are published books galore. After even a fairly superficial look around, one rapidly comes to the conclusion that the verdict is obvious.

Next, I say that we should be making every effort to establish our own contacts and relationships with the ETs that are around here and now. We need simply to sidestep the obfuscation, let go of the desire to see the government grovel, and make contact anyway, holding our own dialogue with any ETs that are willing to interact with us. The evidence that we have indicates that none of the ET races that have been coming here are hostile to us in any way (although some seem to be indifferent observers, others are observers who care but are following a hands-off policy, while many of them are operating on agendas that we do not and perhaps cannot - yet - understand). (There is however evidence that the US government as well as other governments, has been trying subtly to promote the idea that there are hostile and/or manipulative ETs around as part of their “muddy the waters” campaign. It is also sad but true that it is to the advantage of the elite that control the military/industrial/political complex to be able to point to “threats to national security”, so that the enormous sums that go into defense continue to do so.)

Some of the ET’s activities are certainly strange – but on reflection, it would be amazing if what they were doing made immediate sense. We should certainly expect them to have a very different outlook on life from us. But rather than being in denial about their presence or being afraid of what they are up to, let us just make it known that we know they are here, and that we want to talk.

In fact, it is my belief that at least some of the ET groups that are visiting us, are waiting for exactly that! They want us to show that we are ready to come out of the cosmic kindergarten and tiptoe into first grade. By the way, I think this metaphor is particularly apt. In kindergarten, we are almost entirely fed with information, kept entertained (i.e. distracted) and instructed what to do all the time. In first grade, we are encouraged to interact with our teachers, and to ask questions. These ET groups are ready and willing to act as teachers and mentors. We have to show that we are ready to learn.

This is important for us to do at this time, because the state of our world is a very perilous one. The violence stemming from fear and intolerance which has characterized humanity ever since the stone age, is now infinitely more destructive than it used to be, because the weapons we are using and the means of deploying them, are so much more effective. The nuclear genie is out of its bottle, and the bio-weapons genies are emerging from their bottles. It could be that there are other kinds of bottle as well.

I believe that we stand a better chance of dealing with our problems of feeding everyone, having enough electrical power, averting conflict, and solving all the problems arising from over-population, if we show our willingness to accept mentoring and technology help from beings that have a wider understanding of our Universe, who (by whatever means) have survived their own planetary crises, and who are willing to help us.

Could we solve all of our problems on our own? Well, maybe. And, maybe not! Do we dare take the risk that we can do it without help? Surely we should be pursuing all possible avenues. It seems absolutely undeniable that the information is out there. Some of the information we get is likely to be incorrect or misleading, or just plain confusing. That does not mean that it is not worth getting, because at least some of what we get will be the genuine article. And, the genuine article will come with evidence that is verifiable. We will know it “by the fruit it bears”, by the degree of openness of the source, and by the degree to which the technology that it comes with is benign.

Unfortunately the majority of the world’s population is engaged in simple survival, and a high percentage is also enmeshed in the bigotry and intolerance being taught them by self-serving elites and priesthoods. But there is a sizeable minority that has some available time and energy to study, to investigate, and to reach out to our Galactic neighbors.

The next question is “How do we go about making contact?” I think we need to do the following, remembering that we are dealing with beings who are here, and who are perfectly capable of connecting to the Internet and picking up our radio and TV signals.

•   Make a conscious decision to do so. There is plenty of evidence that the majority if not all ET races that are here, use mind-to-mind communication.
•   Watch the sky! Sounds simple but very few of us actually do it. Look for things that are unusual. If you see something that might be a UFO, signal it. Do so both mentally and physically (wave, signal by flashlight or mirror).
•   Watch for unusual people. Again, there is evidence that some of the races that are here, are sufficiently humanoid to pass as one of us. So there may be some subtle aspect of appearance, behavior or even accent, that could be an indicator. (I know, you are saying the place is lousy with all kinds of weirdoes and always has been. True. But there are different kinds of weirdness, and I guess we just have to use our best judgment!)
•   Use meditation. This may sound strange or scary to some people, but it really is another way to connect with beings that use mind-to-mind connection. It is probably more powerful if done in a group.
•   Watch for anything unusual at all. It seems that some beings use indirect methods to indicate their presence. Their idea is perhaps that, again, we need to show our readiness for contact by showing increased awareness and curiosity.
•   Get involved as an investigator with organizations like ParaNexus and MUFON that investigate sightings and contact. This does not guarantee contact of course – there are lots of people doing this and only a few have had sightings or contact of their own. But like all the above suggestions, it is worth a try!

The fact is, that there is apparently no known way of contacting ETs that will work for sure. Nevertheless, people are having sightings and contact, all over the world, virtually every day. We do not know whether the ETs are choosing people at random or have a set of criteria that they use. But surely it is a good bet that willingness for contact is one criterion!

Let's do it!

Bio of author

Mr. Mather-Lees is married with two grown daughters. He was educated in England at Cambridge and holds an MA in Mechanical Sciences. He has been a career engineer since the 1970’s, and is widely experienced in computer technology and software. He has a long time interest in the mind, space travel, science fiction, cosmology, philosophy, and comparative religion.
He is the author of the recently published book “Who The Bleep Designed Us? A God? ETs? Both? Neither?”.

The book website is Mr. Mather-Lees can be reached by Email at

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