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In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda: A Course Correction
Submitted By: Date: June 19, 2009, 02:34:05 PM Views: 1796
Summary: The pursuit of the Alien Agenda may have nearly gone as far as it can go without a course correction. What then could we do to break through the quagmire of what seemingly is preventing us from getting to the heart of the matter?

By now, it is obvious that our government has no intention of revealing what it knows about the UFO phenomenon anytime soon. Someday, it might release bits of information, if prodded enough with just the right leverage, but the possibility exists, too, that it really does not have all the answers or it has even been infiltrated by unidentified entities itself who are policing its efforts. Therefore, the pursuit of the Alien Agenda may have nearly gone as far as it can go without a course correction. What then could we do to break through the quagmire of what seemingly is preventing us from getting to the heart of the matter?

The human race is characterized by its ability to take on difficult challenges from a grass roots level. Let us consider how this grass roots effort might proceed, apart from the hindering factor of government assistance (or resistance as the case may be), in discovery of the alien agenda. First, we must review how the effort has been handled in the past. What mistakes were made? What opportunities were lost? How might we react more efficiently for a better outcome?

Seemingly, the biggest mistake that people have made in the area of alleged alien craft crashes, which by far would have provided the greatest proof of their existence, is that these witnesses called upon the very ones whose official policy was to ridicule and threaten them to within an inch of their and their family's lives if they ever spoke about what they saw. They would even have gotten shot if they had approached these crash sites, even if they had more right to be on the property than the clean-up crews. Where is the logic in this?

Of course, our first thought in such cases is to call the authorities. Our mindset is that the taxpayer is paying these salaries; therefore, they are public servants whose existence is only because they are helping the public. Surely, we think, they are on our side. However, in the case of the UFO/Alien Agenda, our public servants have fallen way short in the treatment of citizens and the providing of needed information. A collective "you're fired" from UFO affairs needs to resound throughout our land, and a civilian effort must now be implemented to discover what we need to protect ourselves from whatever it is that these unidentified flying objects are here to do.

The recent swine flu scare sent the world scrambling to organize a response. According to the website Worldometers, as of June 12, 2009, 74 countries have officially reported 29,669 cases of influenza A(H1N1), including 145 deaths. Compare that to The Roper Organization Survey entitled "Unusual Personal Experiences" conducted in 1991. The following paragraph citing statistics from that report are quoted from Hypnosis and Alien Abductions by Maurice Kouguell, Ph.D., BCETS:

"This article and the survey, which was based on 5,947 Americans, are not intended to convince anyone that this phenomenon exists. The findings show that the experiences known to be associated with abductions are surprisingly prevalent in the American population. Of 1,868 people, 1,033 reported one experience; 484 reported two experiences; 238 reported three experiences; 10l reported four experiences and 18 reported 5 experiences. The incidence of abduction experiences are reported as being two percent of the population. Indications are that the percentage might actually be somewhat higher. With 6,000 respondents for the study, one out of every 50 Americans may have had UFO abduction experiences. The conclusion can be drawn that UFO abduction experiences are much more common than many professionals are aware of."

If we accept even the most conservative numbers of people who have indications of being abducted, what could possibly be the justification for that amount of people being taken against their will, poked, prodded, and having various samples of their bodies stolen? Although the thought is abhorrent, one could imagine that a sampling of various races, sizes, or genders would be useful to an alien culture for gleaning information about the human race, but 2% of the population of America?

When you consider that abductees are normally scarred emotionally and physically for life, and some are practically relegated to a state of the "walking dead," we have a problem at least as great as any disease pandemic could be. Where is our government now?

The method in which these abductions are carried out would make it obvious to even the least civilized caveman that something sinister is going on. Any foreign aircraft flying into the airspace of any country and then blatantly fails to identify itself amounts to an act of war, let alone carrying out experiments on the citizens of that country under the cover of darkness via unknown abilities to wipe memories clean. Some citizens are also carrying around implants from which heaven only knows what is being transmitted back to these unidentified entities. This is spy technology on an unprecedented level of sophistication, which even with physical proof that implants exist, our government fails to act.

Therefore, I say that a consolidated civilian task force must be organized. Efforts from all who have been independently researching UFO's must be brought together where protocols and responses can be developed. Abductees must receive treatment as pseudo prisoners of war with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and due to the fact that abductions are repeated again and again during their lifetimes, training must be developed to bring at least those who can from a position of victims, paralyzed from fear, to all available knowledge of how to stop the abductions or to creating information gatherers no less than on the level of spies for the sake of their fellowmen.

Too much effort is being wasted trying to get the government to act. From the standpoint of strategy, continually looking in that direction is producing a form of limbo in results while wasting time, money and manpower. A few bread crumbs have been laid out in that direction, but historically, they lead to a brick wall. Let us take a step back and look at the situation. The plain fact of the matter is that opportunities have been lost because we are looking to those who would hide what we want to see.

What are the obvious immediate and preliminary answers to this dilemma?

Brilliant men and women, by the look of their qualifications, work within the UFO investigative community, and they need to get together. A step-by-step procedure could be formulated by which any crash debris can be reported and investigated without involving the government or any law enforcement agency, which reports it to the military and allows it to be squirreled away. At the least, a strategy could be formed to buy a little time with the evidence before calling them in. Our government maintains that UFOs do not exist, so we would not be violating any laws by not reporting what is found. According to our government, UFOs are a separate issue only involving kooks, mentally unstable persons, or graciously so-called "misguided" individuals, so this would seem to be permission to investigate UFOs on our own without their interference. There has to be a moment in time when the government finally disqualifies itself from participation, as obstinate cheaters always are in the marble game of what is going on.

This approach then brings up the question, "who are we going to call?" I pose that question to those UFO researchers upon whose shoulders the responsibility ultimately rests. Why "stand ye here gazing" at the government when you are the ones who will have to do this? Gird up your loins now for action and provide the strategy, the manpower, the facilities, and ultimately the phone number to call for this great task at hand.

Probably the greatest good that we might do in the field of UFO investigation is to gather up our abductees who are suffering from their experiences, get them the medical/emotional help they need, and turn them from hapless victims to overcomers in their responses to their captors, not in a physical manner which may be dangerous, but in the expertise to wriggle much needed information out of their captors stealthily. A shift in effort from knocking on government doors could be made to equipping our abductees with whatever they need to be proactive, but abductees seem to have been relegated to the lowest position on the totem pole of importance. Our abductees are on the front lines of contact with these beings. They see them up close and personal. They see the insides of the crafts. They hear things and touch things. UFO observers on the ground just see lights in the sky. What can you learn from just lights? Work with the abductees!

Military training teaches one who is captured to respond with name, rank, and serial number. The task before us might be to formulate the same kind of rote response, but one that will also yield information about these unknown beings. We must grease the wheels of creativity. We must challenge ourselves to regurgitate a similar reply during an alien abduction that would yield the most useful information. Perhaps the answer lies in posing pregnant questions; that is, meaningful questions, that will allow for the gathering of information but will not give away our intentions. This, of course, is reliant upon the opportunity in the abduction and the lucidity of the abductee. Ideally, the abductee needs to be armed with questions which fit the category of "innocent as doves and wise as serpents," which on the surface, appear benign in nature, while at the same time, deemed important enough to the inquirer to warrant an answer.

Coming up with those kind of questions is not an easy task. A hundred direct questions beg to be asked but would not be feasible under such stress. For one thing, aliens are not stupid. It is believed that they can read minds and are much more advanced than us. We seemingly cannot compete against their brain power. Therefore, a question not only has to be so ingrained into the mind of their victims that it becomes automatic, it also has to be one that the abductees can think about without giving away motive. It must be formulated strategically as well to get enough information from the answer to arrive at some conclusions. Simple questions of few words, easily remembered.

We can also realize that one problem with this approach is that the answers received may not be true, but let us not be put off by that. Not many courses of action are available to choose from. The proof in the pudding is in comparison of many answers and not being reliant upon just one.

An example of one innocent question which abductees could always ask is this: What time is it?

This simple question might give us an idea of what aliens consider as time, a very important component in what their civilization is all about or to determine if they are immortal spiritual beings. If their answer is the same as our time, the conclusion may be that they are not interdimensional beings afterall but live within our plane of existence. If it is some other time like the future, we may conclude that they could be time travelers. If this question is asked by many over numerous abductions, then collected and compared, we may take a few baby steps in the right direction.

What questions might you think of to ask? What evidence gathering strategy can you develop? What else might be included in an abductees' "name, rank, and serial number" response to be used again and again over many abductions and then analyzed?

Now, the questions for us to answer are, "how are we going to train abductees" and "to whom do we give information gained?" The first is unanswerable at the present time. This will depend upon the willingness and fortitude of each abductee to become proactive and overcome their fears and the development of a central gathering place to work with them confidentially and train them in evidence gathering.

As to who might receive the information, the site has recently set up a database for this type of information. You can access it yourself and report anything you see or your experiences and remain anonymous if you wish. Analysis of information will be an ongoing comparison and study, and perhaps for now, this could act as a preliminary gathering point in lieu of a physical place. This database is located at: ParaNexus Registry of Anomalous Events.

Like most of you, I, too, sit and watch the UFO documentaries and view sightings on YouTube. I read UFO forums, books, and articles. I have seen mysterious forms in the sky. But time and again, I think to myself, "For God's sakes, people, get yourselves together!" Whether it is a war of stealth, intellect, or opportunity, this looks like war. Yet the cavalry is not coming. Time to circle the wagons ourselves. Our future well-being may depend upon how we approach this today. Who will step up to the plate and swing?

Bio of Author

Sharon K. West is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. She writes on the subjects of history, travel, spirituality, and the sea. In addition, she writes adult and children short story fiction, articles about her personal experiences, and informational articles of general interest. She is the author of a cozy mystery novelette entitled, "I Desire Mercy" (small press). Her blogs are: "History of the Bizarre & Mysterious," "Kelp & Fin Chronicles," "Planet Curiosity," "Sitting in the Catbird Seat," and "The Rabbit Hole."

Sharon is a history hobbyist who is fascinated in particular with history of the eccentricities, quirks, and strange goings-on in our distant and not so distant past. She also independently researches the paranormal, including UFOs, conspiracies and cryptozoology.

She has an Associate Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and is also a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature.

Sharon has worked for many years as an Administrative Assistant in the manufacturing industry. She resides in the U.S.A.

Visit her website here.

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