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Why I Feel Paranormal Investigating NEEDS to be a Part of My Life
Submitted By: Doug Kelley Date: June 14, 2009, 04:03:30 PM Views: 906

Why I Feel Paranormal Investigating NEEDS to be a Part of My Life
By Brandi Fishinger, CLPI

As many other Paranormal Investigators in today’s world, I have many reasons why I desire to research and find answers to the unknown,  and this will always play a major role in my life.  Many people have recently become involved in this field—some since childhood, some from recent or past incidents.  I would fall into the margin of people that have found this “field of the unknown” to be a “must” in my life since my childhood.  From the time I was 4 years old, I have been overwhelmed with finding the reason why we are not only earthbound, but where our journey leads to after we leave the physical world.

It all stems back to when I was a child living in a small town in Western Pennsylvania called Millvale.  It was here that my parents raised my older brother, Bill, and me.  While we did not have much growing up, my parents did everything they possibly could do ensure that my brother and I had the best childhood they could provide.  My father, a retired policeman, would work double shifts to provide for my family.  My mother (deceased from a rare form of cancer since I was 13) was also a very hard worker and was the most wonderful human being I could ever remember.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough years with my mother to relate to the possibility of her being psychic or sensitive.  This is difficult because I strongly feel that I have the same qualities that she may have possessed.

Looking back to the first time I witnessed paranormal phenomenon, I knew that something existed beyond the human eye.  The house we resided in always had an “uncomfortable feel” to it, but being that young, I honestly did not know how to interpret the feelings I had.  My brother and I always felt that the house was haunted; however, we were more afraid to address it rather than confront it.  Being kids, we of course attempted séances, Ouija boards, etc., but if we ever had a response we would run rather than pursue it.  Although we made attempts to contact spirits, I feel that we were not prepared to deal with whatever tried to communicate with us. We always let our fear get the best of us.

On one particular day, I remember staring at the old stairway that led to the second floor of the house.  I recall seeing something that to this day I cannot explain; I saw several entities that appeared to be half the body shape of a human; they possessed no legs or bottoms. From what I recall, there had to be approximately ten or more all grouped together.  All I know is that it frightened me to the point that I was frozen and physically could not move or talk. One of the significant details I can recall was seeing my shadow on the wall with pigtails in my hair.  This is how I can recall my approximate age that this event occurred because most of my childhood photographs I have recovered show that my hair was in pigtails frequently when I was four years old. After I saw these entities, I remember my mother grabbing me by my arm and physically dragging me away from whatever I was seeing.  I personally feel that my mother knew what I was witnessing but, unfortunately, I will never have the opportunity to ask her.  I feel that the reason she pulled me away was because she had some idea what I was experiencing and either didn’t want me to be afraid, or was protecting me.  Although the memory is vague, I know what I saw was reality.

All I can say is that the entities I saw coming down that stairway were not human and they most definitely meant for me to see them.   To this day I question why these entities were in that house.  I wonder if this was an attempt to contact me visually so that I could help them somehow to move on and leave.  This is why I cannot say whether they were evil in anyway; I feel that my fear just overcame me.  I will never forget that very moment in time; that very moment stood still and for the first time in my life, I saw something beyond the human eye.  I saw something I was meant to see.  From this very moment, the perception of the unknown had overwhelmed me.  As I aged, I realized that I must explore the realm of this subject and I must figure out why some individuals can relate to this field and some cannot.   I try not to let the negativity that spills from other people affect me.  At my age, I know what I must pursue, and if others do not want to support me with this search that is fine by me.   I strongly abide by the phrase “to each his own.”

In today’s world, it seems that paranormal investigating and the subject overall is becoming very common.  This is obvious by many of the television shows that are aired now such as “Ghosthunters,” “Paranormal State,” and “Ghost Adventures.”  I feel obtaining your own television series is something that is a rare occurrence.  I know that although this field is rarely one you can economically survive from, it is one that you must pursue if you are completely loyal to finding answers.  I can honestly say that in today’s world, I did not enjoy most of the jobs I had.  They all seemed meaningless and never goal-oriented.  Although I am not making a living from being a paranormal investigator, it is something I must continue to pursue for the remainder of my human life.  If I did not, I would feel that a part of me is left unanswered and incomplete.   I also want to explore further why  I’ve had many psychics and mediums tell me that I have the gift of seeing entities but unfortunately I have pushed it aside with the fear of being “afraid” again.  I know inside my heart that this is because of the types of entities I witnessed as a child.  I’m trying to understand that not all of the paranormal is “negative” and I must try to push aside that memory so that I can use the gift that I have.  

Although it has been a struggle, I feel by being a paranormal investigator, I am taking steps everyday to learn how to open up and explore this realm of the unknown.


Brandi Fishinger is a Case Manager and Certified Leading Paranormal Investigator for SPIRIT SW Penn.  She currently lives Charleroi, Pennsylvania, a town just forty-five minutes South of Pittsburgh. She is engaged and has a 16 year old stepson. Brandi enjoys yoga, animal adoption, and any type of physical challenge.  Brandi works as a Notary Public for Washington County. She has read many books and articles on the paranormal, and has been inspired in researching the paranormal from the age of five. She aspires to find the answers that we all look for, but wants to do it in a way that also sheds light on the responsibility of being a credible investigator.

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