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“What’s that Sound?”
Submitted By: Date: June 10, 2009, 12:30:18 AM Views: 1251
Summary: How Friends, Family and Co-workers Get Sucked Into the World of Paranormal Research

How Friends, Family and Coworkers Get Sucked Into the World of Paranormal Research

When one decides to become a Paranormal Researcher, it is usually not a decision taken lightly.  Sure, you can jump on the proverbial band wagon after seeing a few episodes of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State, get all the fancy, cool gadgets, and label yourself an Official Paranormal Researcher (after all, there are no accredited programs to dispute out there, right?) and go hunt, but those of us who take it a bit more seriously want to learn the ins, outs, ups, and downs of the genre.  Those of us want to find the answers to our most personal questions about the paranormal and if we can help a few (or many) people out in the process, even better.  Personal satisfaction and community service all rolled into one, who could ask for anything more?

Inevitably, when word gets out about our new “hobby,” the proverbial woodwork oozes activity.  In between the snide remarks and the suppressed giggles, a series of awareness come to fruition.  These “Snickerers” (as I like to call them) of the Paranormal World start “seeing” and “remembering” things that they can’t explain, but are curious to know the answer.  Is it a life-changing/altering knowledge?  No, most of the time it isn’t, but inquiring minds do want to know!

Most family, friends and coworkers start out as these very people.  Not really sure whether to laugh at or with us in our crazy exploration of the paranormal, but as one talks more and more of the courses available through ParaNexus and MUFON, and the interesting tidbits of information learned, they start to open their minds to the thought processes of a Paranormal Researcher.  I further explain how our jobs, such as Air Traffic Controller, can give an edge to investigating strange lights in the sky or unusual cloud formations.  That it is perhaps attributed to the flight paths of nearby airports or the natural occurrences when moisture forms at various altitudes. How being an Electronics Technician can make you understand electrical concepts a bit better or, as we’ve seen, plumbers investigating the noises that go bump in the middle of the night or after one takes a shower.  Even housewives in Anywhere, USA, can utilize their highly intuitive skills as a Paranormal Researcher.  I mean, have you ever had to find the 1 out of 5 culprit who spilled the milk on the floor?  Exactly!  Once the realization that being a Paranormal Researcher is not splitting the Atom, the inquisitive seas start to part and they become more open to the possibilities of, well, everything, but not just anything.

The next step of awareness has these Snickerers looking at places, events and things that might be of interest” to us, new information about pieces of equipment “that might be of some help” in our investigations and the age old, “I was flipping through the channels last night and saw this program” just to let us know (it was a re-run), but I think all of us can relate to this evolution.  I have found that while pursuing my Bachelors Degree, I took a course on Aircraft Accident Investigation.  Would you believe the similarities in just the investigation process alone?  You would have thought it was déjà-vu: Taking pictures, video recording the site, interviewing the witnesses, sounding familiar?  It is unbelievable how our daily lives help us research the paranormal if one just opens up to the notion that there might be something more out there and, of course, see how it all fits together.

The final step of awareness comes to light when the questions of “when I was young, I heard this or that when I stayed at Grandma’s house” or “when I was driving through the mountains, I saw these lights just above the tree line.”  As I help “walk” them through their memories by just asking simple questions, they eventually remember something else that would either explain the occurrence (old plumbing or electrical), or prompt them to further review and ask even more questions and do research.  A few days go by and they would find me to tell me they talked with Auntie So-and-So and would give this long dissertation, i.e. report, about the history of the old house, who lived and died there, caught “the sickness” and had to go see the special doctor.  I would politely nod and throw some “I see.  That’s very interesting” comments, all the while smiling on the inside on how they are slipping into our world, but of course never mentioning it.  Blasphemy!

I find it interesting that this concept I described is not very different for most.  My husband would mention this same progression with his co-workers as I have, so I am going with the notion that this may be more common than I think.  Perhaps there are a few deviances, but for the most part, it seems to follow the same path.  For all of us in the Paranormal Research world, their approval or blessing is not required for us to continue our work, to search for the answers we feel we need to and to maybe find that enlightenment, or AHA! moment.  When one feels as strongly as a true Paranormal Researcher does, one doesn’t need that justification that comes from the skeptics, naysayers, and snickerers.  We just patiently sit back and watch them spiral into our world of Paranormal Research by infusing them with little tidbits of information, baiting them with EVPs or pictures and inflicting their minds with possible answers to their questions.  With just a little tease of paranormal knowledge and support, a spark could ignite within them that could bring them over to our way of thinking.  Then perhaps, they could find not only their answers, but also the desire and necessity to want to help others find theirs.  It is this continuous loop that I am glad, nay, honored to be part of and enjoy watching.

Bio -

Jodi E. Torres is the Co-Founder and Director of Paranormal Association San Tan (P.A.S.T.) with her husband of 20 years, Juan.  She has served in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-1993 and with the Arizona Army National Guard since 2006 as an E-5 Air Traffic Controller and Supply NCO.  Wearing many hats – wife, mother, soldier – she is devoting many hours to the certification and knowledge of Paranormal Research.  

She is also a Field Investigator for MUFON and an Assistant Regional Director (Arizona) for ParaNexus.  Jodi can be contacted via her website at


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