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Leaving the Garden
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Summary: Brief insight as to how one decides to face the abduction phenomena; what to expect, what's to gain.

     Gardens have been a source of beauty and respite for thousands of years. From the Hanging Gardens of ancient Babylon to the modern-day botanical gardens found around the world, these spaces of exquisitely cultivated land have served as quiet and beautiful places for many to find solace, introspection, and meaning.

      We could even liken our own inner reality to a “garden,” of sorts. In our Garden, we enjoy a comfortable place defined by our own individual version of reality that provides a sense of security and control. We keep our Garden “beautiful” by only accepting ideas and concepts that don’t conflict with our sense of reality. If something in life is too painful, we can just block it out with denial. And then on we go, never giving it a second thought—until it becomes too large to ignore. Such is the experience of alien abductees.

      The Alien Abduction Scenario produces an unfortunate situation of things with which to comprehend, on top of the average human existence. One can only surmise or postulate as to why this phenomenon happens. If you are the person involved, to know when to ask questions and whether to even start asking questions is a conundrum. Reality for many is what they choose it to be so they can deal with tragedies, life, and everyday common events.

      Those dealing with what they may suspect as Alien Abduction Scenarios are dealing with the proverbial Pandora’s Box. They have odd memories, missing time, strange events happening around them. Memories, among other things, has haunted them all their lives and the memories still persists in their mind, always reminding them that something out of the ordinary has happened and may be still happening. Should one decide to delve into the depths of the phenomena, a long hard road of discovery is ahead. For abductees who choose to turn their backs on the phenomena, the ghosts of memory will tend to haunt them and, in all likelihood, they will find themselves continually wondering, “is it real?”
So how does one choose to open this box of memories? How do you know if it is in your best interest to know? To ascertain the validity of the memories or events that you’ve questioned, ask yourself, “Am I fantasy prone? Is there some medical reason for what I’m experiencing? Are all the fears and the anxiety based in truth? How can I really know?”
      Validation comes in many colors, it can be internal by just knowing from past memories and surrounding proof or it can be as basic as having physical anomalies such as bruising and needle marks appear overnight. Long lists of attributes are common among abductees including:

•   Missing Time
•   Dreams or Experiences of interacting with entities
     o        Seeing ghosts, spirits, dead loved ones
     o        Seeing larger than life dolls, mannequins with large eyes
     o        Seeing larger than life animals that walk upright like humans with large eyes
     o        Seeing Greys, Nordics, Mantis, or other type of perceived aliens
•   Physical Anomalies
     o        Bruising
     o        Abrasions
     o        Soreness
     o        Phantom allergic reaction during the night
     o        Nose bleeds or discharge of odd colored fluids or biological matters
•   Mental Anomalies
     o        Lethargic thinking processes upon awakening
     o        Memory flashes that have no points of reference
     o        Hyperawareness of one’s surroundings
     o        The feeling that something has happened with no apparent reference or with no direct memory
     o        Urges to move from a current residence for no reason or solid basis
     o        Anti-social; not wanting to be around people
•   Paranormal Events
     o        Unexplained Noises
     o           Items that move by themselves
     o        Unexplained electronic anomalies such as radios and/or appliances turning on or off by themselves
     o        Unexplained lights
     o        UFO sightings
     o        Entity sightings

     This list is not a conclusive indicator of the abduction experience nor do all of the items have to be true to indicate that abduction has occurred; these are just a few of the things reported by abductees. Finding that these items in the list pertain to you does not necessarily mean you’re an abductee. A few of the items such as the physical and mental aspects can be the basis for finding the appropriate medical physician to assist you.  Check with a doctor or therapist to ensure that there are no underlying physiological reasons for your suspicions, such as stress.

     Confirming that medical assistance is not required leads us to the next question, “What is going on?” and specifically, “Do I really want to know?” The experience of knowing something odd is happening can be confusing and intimidating. Once you have decided that something strange is going on, how do you proceed? The first thing to take into consideration is your well-being. Ask yourself. “Is this situation affecting my life negatively? Does it affect my family, friends and my job? Can I live without knowing?”

     These questions are important in discerning whether you should investigate this situation further. This situation should not be taken lightly nor should you put it on the back burner. The fact that you are reading this article could indicate that you desire to make a decision. This fact in itself is not only profound, but also produces a major paradigm shift in one’s nature and belief system.

Making the Decision to Stay in the Garden

     There is some wisdom in staying in the garden and not exploring the world at hand when dealing with the abduction phenomena. For myself I was not able to choose this route due to the overwhelming aspects of my own situation. I cannot count how many times I found myself wishing I knew nothing of my experience.

     Many abductees who suspect that something may have happened will say things like, “I’m not an abductee! I’m an experiencer!” or “I’m a contactee!” Another common aspect of denial is when the abductee says that he or she was just seeing things and then let their minds categorize it as such. Others will maintain nothing happened and soon forget the experience altogether due to their minds not being able to cope with such things.

     I don’t recommend denial as means to an end to others, but in dealing with this subject if you choose to deny that abductions may be happening, and it is not affecting you directly, and all you have are memories, occasional physical symptoms that you can deal with and nothing more, by all means go this route. Making the decision to not dig any deeper will allow it to become an insubstantial memory. You will need to understand that denying your abduction experience could lead to allowing denial to become a habitual process in your everyday life.

East of Eden’s Gate - Leaving the Garden

     Human beings on the whole are one of the most adaptable and resilient creatures on this planet. We evolve from necessity and diversity, almost to the point of thriving from such negative aspects of life. We at all times in our life are constantly reassessing who we are, where we are, and our situation. This is part of our survival instinct and should be embraced and used to its fullest extent. The willingness or the want of knowing about the abduction scenario and how you fit in however is well outside the norm of human existential perception. You need to both understand the boundary you are crossing and how much this will interfere with your perceptions of reality, religion, human-kind, and the very core of who you are. A classical way of stating this change in perception is having a “Paradigm Shift”. I assure you through researching and finding out what has happened will lead to a point in your life that has meaningful and frightening moments.

     So how do you proceed in getting real information about your abductions? There are many ways of accomplishing this. For myself, I started by keeping a journal of events. In this journal I record the date, time, and description of what happened, photos of my wounds, photos of evidence, maps, anything pertaining to the event. I also document all regressions, outside local events and other oddities happening to friends and family. In the area below the journal entry I always write down my feelings, what was my mental and physical state that day,  what I think happened, what I remember, notes on events surrounding the abduction. This produces a log book, which in time will start showing commonalities between the events. The important factor here is documenting occurrences; this will both add validity for you but will also lend proof to others when the time arises.

     What about regressions? Regressions are just as important as keeping your journal. With my experience and having so many memory flashbacks, questionable periods of my life that included missing time, waking up to finding doors unlocked, windows open, and so forth, I found it important to explore this. With abductions there are two basic things going on:

      1) The abductors do not want you to remember your experiences and mask memory much in the same way you can record over an audio cassette tape.

      2) The reality of what you have observed may be so farfetched and/or terrifying in your mind to the point of your mind either forgetting or replacing the images with more comfortable scenes.

      Both of these obviously point to the reasons for the missing time phenomena, among the long list of odd memories, dreams, and experiences we have and retain.

      The one thing I would like to mention here is in finding a reputable Hypnotherapist; do your research as this is invaluable and will save you disappointment and frustration. Do not take this lightly; you are allowing someone to explore who you are and your very essence of being. Find someone you can trust, that takes the therapist/client relationship seriously, and who is not judgmental and will allow you to explore what has happened to you. The next thing to know in dealing with your Hypnotherapist is during the regressions that their techniques do not lead you to answers. For instance when the Hypnotherapist asks “Do you see little four foot tall grey people?” is leading the question. An appropriate question would be “What do you see? Can you describe them? How many are there?” In this way your answers will be more valid, this will be more proof that you can access and will not be judged as harshly by outside reviewers. Always try to get your Hypnotherapist to record your sessions so you have an audio log for to review. This will both allow you to validate in your own mind as to what has happened and provide a sense of continuity in the missing time scenarios. I can only attest to my own experiences with regression, it literally opened my memories like a book. I do know from personal time being under hypnosis that you will not remember or go to places in the mind’s eye when you’re not ready. Hypnosis is nothing like what you see in movies and should be viewed as valid as any other technique of memory retrieval. Retrieving memories through hypnosis is not concrete proof of anything. The Hypnotherapist must use good judgment and discretion so as to not implant or distort memories in the subject.

     Physical evidence can be collected. The main problem most abductees run into with collecting physical evidence is for some odd reason they destroy evidence. Either through not knowing, accidental handling, or implanted suggestions by the abductors, good evidence gets lost or contaminated. I myself can attest to the implanted suggestions as I have actually watched myself flush implants down the toilet and then woke up wondering why in the world would I do that. That in itself is another problem I will talk about in a minute. Most of the evidence that you will find are going to be on your own body such as fingerprint bruising on different parts of your body, odd needle marks, and symmetrical shaped bumps under the skin (suggesting implants). Make sure and always take photos if possible of any physical anomalies on your body. There have been some attempts at collecting other data such as laying sheets of tinfoil down on the floor, then laying a towel or soft rug over the foil next to bed or where you know the abductors enter. In essence this will allow you to capture footprints if any. Others have tried to video tape their abductors; this is a hard thing to do, reports say the abductors have a tendency to get the abductee to get up and turn off the video or turn the camera so no one can see. There are many other techniques I haven’t covered here but those are the basic ones. The main thing to remember is to document it regardless of how insubstantial as it may seem. Always take pictures, collect any samples of evidence by putting it in a bag and dating it then place it in the freezer. The main thing you are doing for yourself and others are producing credible evidence and that is very important in validating your experience.

     In dealing with your situation and what to expect on the whole when you decide to look into what is happening can be a little intimidating and has aspects of being an outcast. There are many things you have to understand are a part of this life changing awareness. I have never heard of anyone dying from this and for the most part it seems to have more mental aspects to deal with than physical. Implanted suggestions, memory suppression, physical abnormalities, social standing, dealing with weird happenings, among other things.
      Implanted suggestions are exactly what the phrase says “implanted”. I can only offer some insight to this odd and very out-of-control experience. This is probably one of the most distressing parts of the abductee situation in the fact that in some form or fashion our abductors leave instructions on how we are to carry ourselves. It is nothing like “Go Assassinate Someone!” or “Go Kill Yourself” but is very subtle and plays into what the abductors necessity of not being found out or discovered by humans. There are moments in my life where I actually was an observer watching my body carry out tasks or actions that I know for a fact were not of my own thought processes. After it was done all I could say was “What the @#$$ was that?” and it was very upsetting. Like I said and I want to restate, abductors suggestions do not include harming others or yourself, but are to control any release of evidence. As I had stated previously, there have been times where I would go to the bathroom and had to blow my nose, even though I had clear sinuses and could breathe freely. Upon trying to blow my nose, a bloody discharge would come out with something in it. I would look at it with curiosity and then promptly flush it. Knowing all along what I was observing and understanding to keep it, I would still flush it for no obvious reason. This kind of situation happens on a continual basis and is something you may run into or notice over time.

      Another oddity is the continual memory suppression. This is one of the hardest things to deal with; I have stated many times before that the not knowing will kill you faster than the actual knowledge of something horrible happening. This is where regression therapy will help you retrieve lost time and memories that are blocked. The one thing that should be observed with regressions and memory masking is the abductors for whatever reasons do at times seem to leave levels or layers of memory masks. During a recent regression I was taken back to the moment of the abduction. I had observed greys and what they were doing in my room, but the obvious wasn’t as obvious and we dug deeper only to find out that more actually had occurred. Now whether it was due to my level of fear or it was due to the abductors masking my memory in such a manner, not all the information was available at first. One can never really know as to when this situation is happening or to what end. I do know that it is disconcerting knowing that there may be layer upon layer of masking going on so as to make it possible for me to never know the whole truth. So for yourself be aware that:

      1) Memory suppression is part of the abductee situation

      2) What you remember and what is the truth are going to be different in some of your regressions

      3) Understand that you are still you, no amount of memory suppression or implanted suggestions can ever change your identity, morals, or your nature of being.

      There will be some things that you will have to adapt to. How you deal with other humans will be one of the main things that you will have to change. There are varying opinions as to how to go about this. How you deal with this is entirely up to you, for myself I approached the subject for many years in seclusion, not telling anyone of my circumstances and making light of the odd things that would happen in front of others. Understanding that the subject of alien abduction is related to “whack jobs” in social circles will provide you with enough restrictions on how you behave or talk about this with others. I do find about one in 1000 persons out there are willing to listen with an open mind and not judge you for your situation. On the whole I guess the best advice I could ever give is using your own judgment in dealing with others. Your understanding of humanity, social aspects, and human behavior will deepen over time; this is a side-effect of being outside of normal social environments.
As far as having a relationship with a significant other you must take into consideration numerous factors. The one thing that is obvious and should be approached with care is “Do I tell my significant other about the abductions?” It is my firm belief that it is extremely important to take responsibility for including someone in the abduction phenomena. If you do not tell the other person in your life about what is going on and they discover it, the trust is broken if not their very ego from having their sense of reality attacked. I have lost good people in my life due to not advising them of the chance of what might happen by being around me. If you respect others it is a requirement in my book that you share what is going on. You do take a chance on running off potential friends and loved-ones, but understand that they are not ready for this level of reality and must be respected for their choice in staying away from you. Be prepared to hear hurtful comments; understand that these comments people make are from their fears and not understanding. You may find yourself in a very lonely place for the rest of your life. The point is that you have taken responsibility by protecting other humans from your situation. I by no means am telling you to become a hermit, actually what I am telling you is find people that are willing to share in your experiences and life, this is what defines someone who really loves you.
      “What about friends? Should they know?” This question is all dependent upon your situation. If your friends are close to experiencing your abductions and they’ve had “near misses” as far as the experience, I believe it being of the utmost importance to fill them in on what is going on. In all likelihood they already have some sort of idea that something odd is happening but don’t have all the facts. I used to live in a large house with two other gentlemen; we were sharing the bills and making our way through life. One of my friends, David, had been noticing odd things like actual glowing discs outside the home in the adjoining forest and was seeing what he thought were ghosts. The other person named Jeff was from a religious background and had a firm belief that the house had a demon in it. I sat both of them down and tried my best to explain what they were experiencing and amazingly enough David was accepting of this and continued being my friend, Jeff on the other hand still firmly believed that the demon in the house was real and that I was now the reason for this entity messing with him. This is a prime example of how someone’s belief system will affect their perception. Needless to say Jeff has never tried to contact me again and when I do see him in public acts like I don’t exist. David moved away to another state and still keeps in contact with me. Be assured that you will run into this type of situation and you will soon find out who the real friends are.
      If you have acquaintances and they don’t seem to be aware of your abductions, they need not know. This is a subject that should never be broached until someone asks you in seriousness about it. Another consideration is how much will your friends believe, like I stated earlier not all people are geared the same, some can handle any information tossed at them, others can’t handle simple everyday situations. Just use your best judgment in dealing with your friends.

      “It’s the little things that make life interesting.” I’m not sure where that quote is from but it is so apropos concerning paranormal events happening around you. You may or may not have odd things happening around you; for me they are very common. Small instances of odd unexplained events such as things being moved where they shouldn’t be, things actually moving in front of you, seeing odd lights in the house or elsewhere, hearing something run across your roof that sounds like children running, experiencing time run backward while your observing it, watching as time stops completely, experiencing time skips, and having precognitive memories. These are just a few of the reported events that happen to abductees outside of the abduction experience. It is not uncommon among abductees to report paranormal events outside of their abductions. I have experienced many odd and fascinating things that actually were entertaining to observe, other things were more irritating.
We finally arrive at the subject of the abduction. “How do I deal with this now that I know this is real?” There is no tried and true method to dealing with being abducted; every person will deal with this subject differently. There are some general characteristics that are in common. The first one that is very common among abductees is living two lives, you have the times you are dealing with common everyday elements and then you have the other times where you are dealing with the abduction scenario. I have noticed that the two very rarely overlap but they do on occasions and lend to those moments where the other witnesses either accept or deny what they’ve seen.
     The fact that the alien entities exist and now you know humans aren’t the only people in universe is a big pill to swallow. It’s one thing to make the statement of belief “I know that there are other civilizations in the Universe” due to a logical deduction. Finding yourself smack in front of an alien and interacting with them offers a level of reality that most only postulate or dream of. In dealing with the abduction phenomena you can only surmise as to the reasons for the abductions, much less understand why the interaction is so one-sided and we are treated as live-stock. I would contend that most of the control going on in abduction scenarios are the result of making sure humans are as compliant as possible and perhaps even to protect both sides from physical harm. I have my suspicions that it is mainly to protect the aliens and to keep us sedated as possible due to the experimentation going on.

     I can only describe my emotions and how I deal with this situation, every person will be different. For myself I went through years of hiding from people and staying to myself because of the weirdness of the subject outside of the general persecution of people who were not accepting. I find that dealing with the social aspects and acceptance from others are probably the most upsetting situation when it comes to being an abductee. You are not allowed the luxury of just being the normal person on the block once people find out. In all likelihood you will be labeled the “whack job” by people you thought you knew and neighbors.

     As far as you dealing with the abductions and the aliens involved, it may be frightening and it may be something you have a hard time assimilating into what you know, but it is what it is. There is no amount of advice anyone including myself can give other abductees, nor will I try, on how you deal with this. We all can agree on the fact that it does change who we are inside and how we view reality, we all can agree what is happening is not right, we can all agree on how terrifying it really is, but when it is all said and done how each of us deal with this is a personal struggle of growth and awareness of ourselves and how we deal with it. There is no magic pill that exists that will make this go away or not exist. Each of us is left alone in dealing with it when the day is done. To know others deal with being abducted might console you but you still have to come to terms with yourself, in who you are, and know that no matter how you deal with these events, it persists and continues without concern, emotion or thoughts of how you feel. It is important to know, you have to understand that when you choose to look, you cannot go back, you cannot renege on reality. There is no way to turn off your awareness of this once you enter into it.

     Know that the moment you decide to go this route you have chosen to take control of your situation and by doing this allow solutions to eventually present themselves. Maintaining awareness and learning from your experiences will in time offer answers. I cannot say that in my lifetime a solution will ever be found, but I do know that it is an eventuality that the more abductees that decide to take a stand and learn from the experience, the closer we will be to finding a solution to making the abductions stop. We should not only walk through this door of perception and observe, we should also carry with us the information to share with others as to produce the end result of a solution. The abduction experience in itself at this moment in time seems to be unstoppable; I contend that this is due to the continual lack of information and the disinformation that is rampant in our society. When you decide to learn more, you’re allowing yourself to adapt and overcome. This is the whole point of taking responsibility of what you are enduring. You must understand that in opening your eyes to this phenomenon are only the first steps into the reality of what needs to happen. The entire society of abductees have long been divided by fear and ridicule and by taking steps of getting control back into your life and sharing with others will anything good come of it.
     I realize that what I have been talking about is frightening to some and may seem extremely hard-core with some of my statements. You have to realize this is reality and there aren’t any places that resemble a Disney cartoon, there aren’t and places that rain gummi-bears and chocolate when you need them to. The world is fraught with horrible things and we must do our best to endure and change them if possible. The abduction experience is no more terrible than what we see every day in the news with murders, terrorism, war, crimes, and accidents that kill. What makes the abduction experience so different is the fact abductees are not taken seriously and has been placed in the “crazy” arena. The media, government and other organizations have gone out of their way to make sure the general public has the view-point of the abduction experience as being people who need attention or people that have medical issues. I find this distressing, demeaning and demoralizing. The people that experience the abduction phenomena are from all walks of life and have no need for attention. In most cases it is just the opposite, they don’t want any attention and find it a scary prospect to be placed in a position of interest by the public. Abductees on the whole just want to have normal lives like everyone else and find it hard to fit into society knowing what they know.
     Understanding where you stand in this decision is extremely important. You have to decide on choosing between continuing your life with residual memories and unexplained events happening all the time or taking responsibility for your situation and learning, growing and overcoming its downfalls, I recommend the latter with the understanding that you are joining the ranks of people that are trying to change this situation. I, myself am a proponent of being active and learning all you can about your situation. If it were a different circumstance there would be no question as to whether you would make the decision on finding out all you could to make it stop. For instance, in dealing with cancer, once you’re told that you’re dealing with cancer you would naturally go out of your way to find every option in dealing with it and eradicating this disease. Much in the same fashion one should approach the abduction scenario with every bit of the same passion and intensity to gain control over this situation. There is no way for me to tell you what the correct answer is for you, I can only explain to you what may lay in “Pandora’s Box”. At this point it is for you to decide and continue your life as you see fit.

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Michael Lynn Jones has experienced odd unexplained events since early childhood. Having grown up with interests in the paranormal fields he now dedicates his free time in helping others dealing with the abduction phenomena.

He is the Founder of the Alien Abductee website: and currently is a ParaNexus Staff Member performing the duties of Technical Development Coordinator.
He is also the Founder of P.A.R.A. (Pinnacle Anomalous Research Association) website: based out of Maumelle, Arkansas. His technical background covers Theoretical Physics, Computer Sciences, Aviation Industry, Parapsychology, and the Arts.

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