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Do You Collaborate or Compete? By Doug Kelley, CH, CSL, CLPI
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Do You Collaborate or Compete?

By Doug Kelley, CH, CSL, CLPI, ParaNexus Co-Founder • January 2008

Human nature is as interesting a phenomenon as any ghost or UFO activity. Anytime there is a difference of belief, education, or indoctrination, there is fertile ground for name calling and ad hominem attacks. The paranormal community is no different. Any research group that endeavors to think freely and try new things can almost plan on getting feedback—some good, some critical.

As we all seek to find answers, it is important to understand that this is NOT a competition! We are all trying to find answers and contribute to the paranormal field in our own unique ways. This is a right that belongs to each one of us and without judgment attached. No group has the authority or the right to call another group to account.

Each of us should really ponder our own position toward other paranormal research groups. Do we take a competitive approach? Or do we show a friendly and cooperative attitude? Remember that we are all colleagues and engaged in the same work. This being the case, we should be about our work and not focus negatively on what other groups are doing.

This means to refrain from bad-mouthing other groups. It means to not send nasty emails to or about other groups simply because we may disagree with their approach. It is easy for some to attack others, but this is unethical. We may not agree with another group’s approach; and this is fine. Live and let live.

Most paranormal research groups are cooperative and freely share tips and evidence. But a few exist who are threatened by new and innovative thinking. They may get jealous of other groups or individuals, or they may think they somehow have the market on paranormal research because of many years of experience. If this describes you, then stop taking yourself so seriously. Be about the business of investigating the paranormal and leave others alone to do the same. How can we truly make inroads in the paranormal field when we are preoccupied with infighting?

If you are a group or an individual that encourages cooperation, then stand tall and be proud that you are contributing to the field and humanity in a meaningful way! If you receive negative comments or emails, just consider the source and understand that “explanations rarely explain.” Don’t even acknowledge personal attacks made by “weekend warriors” who think that they are somehow deputized as some kind of “paranormal group police.” Continue to do your thing knowing that you have the support of enlightened and like-minded researchers who are committed to professionalism in the field!

On the other hand, if you are an individual or group that has attacked other investigators or groups, mind your own business and find something constructive with which to use your time. Some of us are really trying to make a positive difference to humanity and don’t have time for high-school antics. May we suggest that you leave your juvenile ways behind and join the adult community? Live and let live.

Cooperate. Don’t compete. Don’t criticize.

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