ParaNexus is an association of paranormal researchers and paranormal investigators who conduct paranormal research and paranormal investigations involving ghosts, spirits, alien abductions, UFOs, unknown creatures, unexplained phenomena, psychic phenomena, and other mysterious events. Visitors can report a UFO sighting, hauntings, and other paranormal events via our 24 Hour Helpline. ParaNexus also offers paranormal investigator certification, paranormal certification, training, paranormal classes, and paranormal courses.
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There is no longer any charge to join ParaNexus, but you must have an appropriate certification (CPI, CPPI, CUI, CP, MHs.D, PhD) from ParaNexus Academy, the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, or the International College of Humanistic Science, or be a MUFON Certified Field Investigator. Other specific anomalous investigation education or scientific acumen may also be acceptable. Contact Admin if you have anomalous training other than above.

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