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"I've been a paranormal investigator for about 6 years, and up until now have been hesitant, even skeptical about the idea of certification courses.  I must say that this course was a very useful and enlightening addition to my personal experience as an investigator, and I recommend it to anyone that might be considering a paranormal certification course.” --Joey Ward, CPI, Founder of West Georgia Paranormal Research Society, Woodbury, GA

"Serious researchers of the Paranormal need serious skills and relevant tools to both understand and deal with the many types of phenomena that exist outside the normal range of human experience. The SPIRITeam Paranormal Investigator Certification Course provides all the skills and tools necessary to do just that, but it goes so far beyond the basic elementary education you usually get in these types of Courses. I know because I have taken many of them myself. Unlike many of the other so-called Certification Courses out there, the SPIRITeam Paranormal Investigator Certification course fully integrates both the scientific and spiritual side of research and how they relate to one another as well as the field of Paranormal Studies.

"Of particular interest to serious Investigators is the great deal of attention given to the “human” side of things and the nature of personal conviction concerning Paranormal Investigation. The greatest power of all is the power of belief. This course explains in no uncertain terms that Paranormal research is a continuously evolving field, where the never-ending search for truth and knowledge is what is most important. The Course is educational and encompasses everything a person needs to know to begin serious research, from theory and concepts to tools and equipment. Both beginner and advanced students will gain a lot from this text. There is no fluff here. Only well-documented, real-world, information, no holds barred.

"The book itself is fully supported with proper citations so students can conduct further research if interested, web-based tutorials and an Online Resource Library, and the SPIRITeam International Forum where students can chat, mix-and-mingle, and participate in a lively Forum on a variety of Paranormal subjects. The SPIRITeam is exactly that; a TEAM, where Together, Everyone Achieves More! The SPIRITeam Paranormal Investigator Certification Course will give you the confidence to go out there and begin your own adventure into the search for truth. Perhaps it will open your eyes and give you a larger world view. I know it has done that for me.

"This most certainly isn’t your typical “Ghost Hunting” manual. In fact, if that’s what you’re looking for, you should really go elsewhere. Here you will find a Course packed full of useful information for intelligent, truth-seeking people. The skills you gain as a result of taking the Course have greater implications than first meets the eye. This is a real-world guidebook into the exciting world of Paranormal Investigating. As an educated professional, I highly recommend this Certification Course. I know that you will enjoy it and learn much as you work through the lessons, so you can be proud once you take the final exam and pass. You will know without a doubt that you are truly a Paranormal Investigator and have the skills, tools, and education to help others understand the nature of that which is unknown to most.

"This comprehensive Study Program is, in my opinion, the best on the market, hands down! Once you join the SPIRITeam you will see that for yourself. I got so much more than I expected at the low price I paid. The amount of useful information went way beyond any of the previous courses I’ve taken and gave me a deeper level of understanding of what a true Paranormal Investigator does. I’m sure you will be satisfied with the content, the depth of knowledge you gain, and the readability of the manual. You really don’t need to look any further than the SPIRITeam Paranormal Investigation Certification Course to meet all your needs. I back that up with my word of honor." --Matt Reynolds, CPI, New York

"I have spent an unbelievable amount of money on books relating to ghosts, orbs, you name it. If it dealt with the paranormal, I had it. Your course is amazing in the fact that it covers every detail. When I read the chapter on photography, I was furious due to the fact I took a class on photography and spent hundreds of dollars on it, only to find I learned more in ten pages in the course than I did in weeks of class. I have even bought a course on the paranormal and it was nothing and I mean nothing like what I have found here. The added plus to your course is the fact it is written in a way you understand every chapter. Would I recommend this course? Absolutely, with out a doubt. Why spend more money on every new book you can find on the paranormal when you can find everything you need in one course. I also have to say this course is worth far more than what you are asking and I would pay it as I'm sure anyone who spent what I have on all the other texts and courses out there would. I can't say enough about it other than I wish it was out sooner and thank you for taking the time to write what everyone truly needs to know and have it all in one course. Thank you again!" --Linda Gunn, CPI, CrossLight Paranormal Research, Jacksonville, FL

"I enjoyed every thing about this course! Before taking the course I knew very little, and this course was exactly what I needed to help me in my goals. Doug has put together such a great and informative product here, and I am happy that I was introduced to him. I suggest that anyone who is interested in the Paranormal should take his course."--Michelle Manini, CPI

"I have taken many online courses, both certified and uncertified, accredited and non-accredited. I have been taking online college courses for the past two years and find that the information provided, the method of instruction, the follow up and testing procedures are of the highest standards. The process from the time of purchase to the passing of the test has been handled in an ethical, professional, and efficient manner representative of a company and people that care." --John Brown, MsD, CtH, CPI, Clearwater, FL

"This course exceeded my expectations. Great course for the beginner or advanced person, also great for just continuing your knowledge of the unknown world of the paranormal. I definitely will recommend this to our group, already know one who is going to take to course. Thanks Doug for all your help." --Scott Sutton, CPI, Indianapolis, IN

"This is a wonderful course to use if your into investigating the paranormal. Doug Kelley is a great instructor, giving you all the knowledge that you need to start investigating. The information within Doug Kelley's textbook, some is not found in other Paranormal Investigator books, and it is information that all beginning paranormal investigator's need. Doug and his team are there all the time to answer any questions you may have, and they do it very quickly. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone." --Kelly Davis, CPI, Bunker Hill, IL

"Great course! Very well worth my time and expense. I learned a lot!" --Marlo Long, CPI, Lakewood, CO

"I have taken in the past 5 years four different paranormal investigator courses, only to find them to be a waste of both time and money. This CPI course is hands down the BEST course I have found. The details that were included not only started with the foundations needed but took you though the complete investigation. This course taught you professionalism, and honor. Not only did it teach you about the paranormal, it teaches your role in a team, how to communicate and how to help both the spirit and the client. Thank you and GREAT Job!" --Patrick Cartwright, CPI, The Center for Paranormal Investigations, Barton, NY

"As a person educated both in engineering and human psychology, I found this course to be quite balanced in its presentation of the hard and soft sides of paranormal investigation. There is a strong, solid base of theory here, followed by practical guidance on how to explore paranormal situations on your home front. Much more here than ever expected in a "correspondence course". Very very satisfied." --Ken Gillespie, CPI, Jacksonville, FL

"I can honestly say that I am very impressed with Doug's book & knowledge of the paranormal. I am proud to say that I have learned so much from this course & I also very proud to finally have become an CPI! Keep up the GOOD WORK!" --Marybeth Capane, CPI, Charleroi, PA

"It's a great course. I wish I could use this as the text book for anyone in my team that wants to learn more about how to conduct an investigation. It's a keeper!" --Vickie Gagnon, CPI, Jacksonville, AR

"I was extremely pleased with this entire course and the instructor's dedication to helping students his learn. I never felt belittled or "dumb". He was always happy to answer questions and give in dpeth explanations that made complete sense. I will definitely be recommending this course to anyone interested in this field." --Kathleen Meindel, CPI, Ann Arbor, MI

"This course not only met all of my expectations. It was very user-friendly and I enjoyed every minute of it. Turns out when you think you know a lot about being a Paranormal Investigator...there is still much more to learn! Thanks Doug!" --Brandi Fishinger, CPI, Charleroi, PA

"This course is an excellent training aid for serious-minded paranormal investigators. It gave me greater insight into how to conduct a thorough and scientific based paranormal investigation and to have a better understanding of the evidence that has been obtained. I would recommend this course to all those interested in paranormal investigations." --Linda Burton, CPI, Thonotosassa, FL

"I enjoyed the in-depth of the course plus it was well laid out and very informative. Everything was explained to the last details and more besides. Very good approach to all the Paranormal Differences." --Gaynor Blakeley, CPI, Manchester, UK

"I have read numerous books and taken other paranormal courses. This has not only help me improve myself as an investigator but has given me insight on myself. I highly recommend this course for people that want to seriously purpose this field. It by far is the best on the market." --Susan Shoemaker, CPI, In the Shadows Paranormal Project, New Port Richey, FL

"It was obvious that 200% effort was put into the development of this course. I have a graduate degree and have taken over a 100 CEU classes over the years and without a doubt yours leaves them in the dust. I actually enjoyed this as opposed the usual feeling of being punished. Keep up the good work, no make that GREAT WORK!" --John Rossi, MSW, CPI, Strasburg, VA

"Every Paranormal Investigator should seriously consider this certification course. The field of paranormal research is a vast unknown with no true avenue of approach or direction for the beginner or seasoned investigator. Doug Kelley's approach to the field will truly make a professional paranormal investigator out anyone who peruses this course of study. This course has helped me in my personal life, my family life, and my research, by showing ways to grow both physically and spiritually. I highly recommend this course to any serious paranormal investigator." --Mike Burton, CPI, Tampa, FL

"Doug - Thanks for putting together this course. It helped to make a lot of sense about 'life' and the other planes of life. I think I will be looking at everything now in a different light. It was very informative and the format was easy to follow. Thanks!" --Lara Kelsey, CPI, Longmont, CO

"For anyone wanting to go beyond "ghost hunting" and engage in real paranormal investigation, this course provides invaluable guidance and instruction. When you have completed the course, you will be prepared to handle any investigation in a professional manner, and to be of service to your clients and the spirits who need your help, as well as advancing your own knowledge as much as possible." --Rhetta Akamatsu CPI, Ghost Hounds, USA, Marietta, GA

"This course exceeded my expectations. Great course for the beginner or advanced person, also great for just continuing your knowledge of the unknown world of the paranormal. I definitely will recommend this to our group, already know one who is going to take to course. Thanks Doug for all your help." --Scott Sutton, CPI, Indianapolis, IN

"I have been it paranormal research for years but this course showed me that there is still things I can learn." --Mitch Webb, CPI, Durham, UK

"Paranormal investigation is a difficult field because it's as much an art as a science. This CPI course did an excellent job of thoughtfully covering all of the various aspects of the field and gave me many new tools to use as an investigator. I think that anyone looking to make that leap from ghost hunter to paranormal investigator will benefit greatly from this course." --Jennifer Sikes, CPI, Orlando, FL

"After researching many so-called paranormal certification courses, I found one that really gives you everything you need to do a proper investigation and more. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a thorough education in the field of paranormal research. It is a text-book you can use time and time again in the field. It is money well spent." --Matt J. Cawthorn, CPI

"Every one wants to know what happens after death. Yet everyone is scared of the dead. This fear has always put us away from gaining an interest to go out beyond the preconceived notions of the science and religion. But CPI course has given me a knowledge to go open minded to accept the fact that there is something beyond science and religion and now I have no fear interacting a soul or paranormal creature and to investigate and research in this field all my life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DOUG!!!!" --Gaurav Tiwari, CPI, Houston, TX

"I liked the way it was not filled with superstitions and false beliefs about the paranormal. It was concise, constructive and scientific in its approach. I liked how I could improve "me" while still learning about an area of study, by improving my relationships in every aspect whether professional or personal." --Ingrid Irwin, CPI, Cavendish, Victoria, Austrailia

"I loved how it went into more detail about the science behind what we all do as investigators. It gave me a much more firm ground to stand on when asked about the science of it all. I have adopted these philosophies and even mentioned them on my website. This course was excellent and has enhanced my ability to be a more effective investigator." --Chad Bilstein, CPI, Colorado Springs, CO

"Great Course! I have learned so much about the paranormal from your course and it has alleviated all my doubts and fears. It has also taught me a lot about myself. I hope to make a good investigator someday, and your course has given me a great start! Again, thank you for everything!" --Scott Lee, CPI, Vidalia, LA